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Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 10 3/29/2010

hello hello loved ones!!!! hows everyones week been? sunds like you guys had an eventful trip at the cabin last weekend! i dont think our family is capable of going on any trip without someone getting hurt. lol. but thats what makes it exciting. hello steeve!! i hope your shoulder feels better! im soooo excited for grandma and grandpa...i dont really know what to say about that excpet im excited for them. thats huge!! and im soo excited for craig and janaye! everyone really is gonna be married by the time i get back geez! oh my gosh i cant believe the boys are playing tball! and ashlyns in ballet!! (thats alittle to girly) but i guess im okay with it as long as i get pictures of all 3 of them!! and yes sister fagersten gave me your message the other day mom. thank you!
well, we honestly havent had very much goin on since i emailed last wednesday. our moccasins turned out awesome! took us forever though! i love it here soo much. i cant even describe the people in our ward and our investigators here! they're so awesome, i love them soo much its ridiculous! lol. most people are super nice here for the most part but when we're tracting theres always some super rude people. tracting and street contacting...i hate! ive just been having a really hard time with the fact that when im at home for the most part im really good at meeting and talking to new people. im a social butterfly so ive been told. lol. but i have the hardest time starting a conversation about the gospel right off the bat with someone, knocking on their door, saying the wrong thing or not saying enough and having them shut the door in our faces. its frustrating and exhausting.ive been super frustrated with myself about all of that lately. i got a letter from blake last week and he told me about some of his tracting experiences that made me laugh and made me promise to focus on the good things! which helped me soo much and im trying to keep that in mind while we tract. having my best friend on a mission at the same time as me helps soo much i cant even explain and knowing that dads gone through some of the same things! (not that long ago right! :) ) granted ive only been out for like 2 months but props to anyone thats gone on a mission! i have soo much respect for all of you!! a mission is the best kept secret ever i think. theres no way for you to describe or explain all the feelings and experiences you have on a mission. its so funny but sad and frustrating at the same time to me when we go tracting and your literally right there at these peoples front door offering to teach them about MORE about christ. how could you ever know enough about him! and teach them about literally the only way to have eternal life and live with heavenly father and jesus christ and they say "nah, i think im good" REALLY!! welp have fun with satan!! jk haha. but really.
anyway, when you're in iowa you become a UNI panther and a hawkeye fan. its inevitable! so if youve been watching march madness uni made it into the sweet sixteen. and you learn that you dont dare go tracting during a game..you might get shot. lol. or have your mailbox blown up who knows. but we went over to brother myers' house with some of our investigators which are friends of his and watched the game. well they watched sister myers and i sat in the kitchen and talked while "overhearing" some of the game. the whole town was pretty depressed the next day. lol.
josh, kayla, jason and sarah came to church again this week. it was awesome as usual. brother myers is the best gospel principles teacher. especially when we have investigators there.
sorry this ones kinda short this week. i love love love you guys! have an awesome week!!!
sister c

"he did what in his cup!?"

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