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Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 44 11/22/2010

Subject: gobble gobble!!!

Happy Turkey week everyone!! i hope everyone had a good week! did ash have the baby yet?! Whats everyone doin for thanksgiving!?!

This week was kinda crazy! Tuesday was full of service. Our investigator Karen has been really sick the past couple weeks, something wrong with her colon. Tuesday morning she called us and asked us to come over. We went to the grocery store and got her some stuff that her doctor told her to eat and then we cleaned up some of her house while she laid on the couch cuz she was so warn out. We went tracting for a couple hours after that and then we went to the cheneys and helped sister cheney around her house a little bit which got all 8 of her kids to help so we got things done pretty fast. Wednesday we had our usual service at the museum. We had a couple really good lessons with the frandsens and then with this girl named liz that we met the week before. She used to live in vegas and had the sister missionaries over for dinner every Wednesday and really liked it. So we’re gonna see if we can start that up again with her and her husband. She has lots of questions about everything and shes really open but shes a little hesitant because her parents are catholic and shes afraid they’ll get mad at her. We’ll work on it. so Wednesday night we got to go to iowa city and stay the night at the elzingas! When we got to iowa city we went and saw the flynns first. Oh my gosh I miss them! I miss iowa city so bad!! We stayed and saw them for awhile and then we went to the elzingas for the rest of the night. We had dinner over there and anna came!! i love her! It was soo much fun!! The next morning we got up and went to the stake center to go from there to Nauvoo. Sister felix and I rode with a couple of the other sisters. We thought we knew how to get there but somehow we ended up in Missouri so we had to find our way back to Illinois. So we got to be in 3 different states that day, it was a nice little road trip! Lol.

So we got to Nauvoo eventually and had a really good conference. Sister jergensen and the other sr. sisters spoke along with president jergensen for a bit. After that we went and had lunch at a place across the street from the temple and after lunch we all went and did a session at the temple!! It was awesome!!! I love that temple!!! We didn’t get back to our apartment that night until about 11 I was sooo tired!!! So Friday was kinda crazy, we had our weekly planning which usually takes about 3 hours and later that day we got a phone call from president jergensen saying that he needed us to cancel all our appointments for the rest of the day because he needed to make some changes with some other missionaries and we needed to be in davenport later that day. So we had to pack sister felix’ stuff and went to davenport that night and made the switch. So sister felix is in a different area and I am still in Maquoketa but im with sister frisby now. So far shes pretty cool. She’s from the bay area and she’s got 2 transfers left. Transfers are next week so I don’t know if she’ll stay here though or if I even will but we’ll find out next week I guess. Saturday was Saturday, tracted most of the day and visited some members and then Sunday I was soo lucky and I got to give a talk in sacrament!!! My favorite! I told brother buttars (one of the branch counselors) that he better have a bucket up there for me to throw up in. Karen did come to church again this week which was awesome!!

That was about it for our week though. This week we’re having thanksgiving dinner with the cheneys of course with a couple of the elders. It’ll defiantly be a different thanksgiving for me but im excited, it’ll be pretty fun!!!! I hope everyone has an awesome week and an awesome thanksgiving! Thank you everyone for all your love, prayers and support! I love you all!!!!!

Till next time (next Wednesday)

Sister C

Did you know: iowa is the number 1 pork producing state in the US. Produces 30% of US pork!! Good ‘ole iowa!!

Week 43 11/14/2010

Subject: brrr... its cold in here....

Hello there everyone!! How was everyones week!?! Sounds like amys meet was pretty good! Too much rock for one hand baby! Right ames!! Whats everyone else been up to?come on...gimme somethin... lol.

Well its startin to cold here and I don’t like it!! Sister felix and I went tracting yesterday and it started raining little balls of ice. Not big enough to be considered full on hail more like baby hail. And I thought my toes were gonna freeze so then we went over to the cheneys and laid on the couch under a heating blanket… it was nice. And its gonna get soooooo much colder! Theres supposed to be at least a couple ice storms this winter! I just have to think warm thoughts…lake powell!!! I don’t like how dark it gets so early in the afternoon now it makes it a lot harder to tract. People get so grumpy when you know on their door and its dark outside like they were sound asleep or something at 4:30 in the afternoon. Lol.

This week was long! We didn’t tract very much this week but we had a lot of lessons. We had a very blunt but really good lesson with ted and had sister meyer there with us. Sister meyer used to be Methodist like ted so they got along really well. Ted loves everything we taught him and he knows its true but he’s being a stubborn old man and says that he knows what his answers going to be if he prays about it but as long he doesn’t pray then he doesn’t know it for sure so he claims he doesn’t have to do anything about it if he doesn’t know for sure. That’s just called procrastination and denial.

Tuesday the Onkens (family in our branch) took us to davenport for dinner at red robin…yumm!!! And their daughter brought her friend kara that we’ve seen a couple times. I love them, they’re awesome!! Brother Onken actually served in the sacramento mission and loomis was his first area! Small mormon world!

Friday afternoon sister jergensen came out with sister felix and I and went to a couple lessons with us. We had a lesson with the green family which we tracted into a couple weeks ago and had 2 lessons with them so far. They’re such a cool family. The parents are todd and tracy and they have a little girl named Mariah (8 yrs old). Todd takes such good care of his family. He works 12 hour shifts 5 days a week and takes care of Tracy who has epilepsy, and then their little girl Mariah they adopted. When she was 4 months old her birth father shook her and ruined all 4 parts of her brain so she’s pretty much a “vegetable” but she is the cutest thing! Oh my gosh I love her! She has the cutest smile when you make weird noises the she likes! Awesome family! So Friday afternoon when we were there we were in the middle of teaching the plan of salvation and tracy had a seizure so ended up leaving alittle bit after that so tracy could go to bed. But it was a really good lesson up to that point. And they’ve both been reading the book of mormon. After that we took sister jergensen to meet Arlene (the 98 yr old) and then after that we took sister jergensen to davenport meet president jergensen and we ended up going to the food court at the mall for dinner with pres and sister jergensen and our zone leaders. So that was a lot of fun with them! Oh and I meant to tell you that president jergensen went to the same mission that trevors goin to except it was a lot bigger back then. He served most of his one the Indian reservation and spoke Navajo near the 4 corners.

Well that was about it for last week but this week we have sisters conference on Thursday in Nauvoo with president and sister jergensen. We get to spend the whole day pretty much in Nauvoo. We’re gonna have the conference in the morning, doing I have no idea but then we get to go to do a session at the temple after lunch. Im excited!!! Since we have to meet the van in iowa city at 7 Thursday morning I talked to P.J and he said we could stay the night at a members house in iowa city so we’re gonna be staying at the elzingas that night and I get to see anna!! Im soo excited! I miss them so bad! But I love it here too! I love iowa!

Well that’s about it for me! What about you guys!? I love you all and I hope you have an awesome week! And I hope yours is warmer than mine will be!!

Till next time

Sister C

*Do it now!! Because today will be yesterday tomorrow!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 42 11/08/2010

Subject: hi hi hi hi hi

Hello hello!! Sounds like this weekend was pretty busy and homecoming was pretty good. Amy and tori are getting way to old…stop it!!

Well its gonna have to be a quick one today we’re using different computers today and these ones kick you off after 30 minutes. So in a nut shell this week was really good. We had another awesome lesson with tasha and helped her really get started with reading the book of mormon. We had a lesson with karen and she told us she wanted to get baptized and be able to have the feeling that she had when she came to church with her all the time. We asked her to pray and ask heavenly father when he wanted her to get baptized so that she can set the date herself. We had an awesome lesson with ted on Friday and had the frandsens come with us since they’ve known him forever. They’re all in their 80’s and both the frandsens are kinda hard of hearing so it was actually pretty amusing at the beginning cuz one of them would be talking and not even realize that the other one was talking at the same time.

We had some awesome lessons with ted and arlene that we took our friend liberty to with us. She’s been coming out with us every once in awhile and she’s awesome!!! Im about to get kicked off of here. Sorry this is kind of a pooper of an email. Next week will be longer and better! I love you all!! Have an awesome week!!!!

Till next time,

Sister C

Trust god to move your mountain but keep on climbing!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Week 41 11/01/2010

Subject: im not looking forward to the snow!!

Ya ta hay everyone!!! How was everyones week….awesome, that’s good to hear. That’s the way it should be! Sounds like you guys had a pretty busy week! hope Halloween was spooky awesome!

Well this week was pretty awesome! its startin to get pretty cold. We tracted a lot s usual but we also had some pretty good lessons. Right now we’re trying to teach this lady named Arlene. She’s 98 years old, lives by herself, really hard of hearing, she wears glasses and uses a magnify glass to try a read anything. We tracted into her and ended up visiting with her a couple weeks ago and we’ve gone back every week since then and taught her the plan of salvation and the restoration and she really likes it. The only thing is I have the worst headaches whenever we leave from having to pretty much yell the lesson at her so she can hear. Lol. Her husband died 17 years ago, she has no kids and not very much family around anymore. So every time we go over there to see her she tells us “well im not gonna be here much longer im either gonna die or im gonna have to go to a nursing home” so she just gives us things. She loves us and she has no kids so she gives us just tons of stuff.im sure people see us walking out of her place every week and think we’re robbing this little out lady. lol She gave us a Christmas tree last week and a bunch of other random stuff so act surprised when Christmas comes around. Lol.

We’re also teaching this really awesome girl named tasha and we had an awesome lesson with her this week. She’s 23 or 24, she has 3 super cute kids and she’s going through a divorce and I don’t blame her cuz he’s a complete jerk. Anyway, her little girl matteson kept wanting to show me her dolls and wouldn’t really let us talk so sister felix played with her while I taught tasha and it ended up being about a 2 hour lesson cuz she had so many questions about everything. It was soo good. She’s never really prayed very much and it made he feel really weird at first and then at the end of the lesson she was like im gonna go pray. And I talked to her the next day and she told me she prayed twice the day before and she felt really good. So im really excited for her!!

One cool experience, we had a lesson with this lady named Karen that’s been meeting with the missionaries for awhile. So before we started the lesson we were trying to help her find her sewing needle that she dropped on the floor, could not find it anywhere. Doesn’t seem like that important of a thing but she was really worried about it and earlier that day she lost 2 gold rings that are worth over a thousand dollars each so she wasn’t in the best mood so in my head I said a little prayer and asked heavenly father to help us find the needle and I m not even kidding 2 seconds after that it was in a spot that I checked like 5 times. Heavenly father just like dropped it right there in front of us. I told Karen that I said a prayer to find it and her whole bad mood just went right out the window and she came to church yesterday!!! Yay!!! It was cool!!

Well yesterday was Halloween and it was awesome!! We had to either be in our apartments or at a members house by 6 until the end of the night. So we went to the cheneys of course and hung out there. I was in charge of the candy (not a very good idea) but I got to dress like cousin it and pass out candy all night…it was awesome!!!!

well that’s about it for now more to come next week. Have an awesome week!!! i love you all!!!!!!

Till next time

Sister C