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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Week 41 11/01/2010

Subject: im not looking forward to the snow!!

Ya ta hay everyone!!! How was everyones week….awesome, that’s good to hear. That’s the way it should be! Sounds like you guys had a pretty busy week! hope Halloween was spooky awesome!

Well this week was pretty awesome! its startin to get pretty cold. We tracted a lot s usual but we also had some pretty good lessons. Right now we’re trying to teach this lady named Arlene. She’s 98 years old, lives by herself, really hard of hearing, she wears glasses and uses a magnify glass to try a read anything. We tracted into her and ended up visiting with her a couple weeks ago and we’ve gone back every week since then and taught her the plan of salvation and the restoration and she really likes it. The only thing is I have the worst headaches whenever we leave from having to pretty much yell the lesson at her so she can hear. Lol. Her husband died 17 years ago, she has no kids and not very much family around anymore. So every time we go over there to see her she tells us “well im not gonna be here much longer im either gonna die or im gonna have to go to a nursing home” so she just gives us things. She loves us and she has no kids so she gives us just tons of stuff.im sure people see us walking out of her place every week and think we’re robbing this little out lady. lol She gave us a Christmas tree last week and a bunch of other random stuff so act surprised when Christmas comes around. Lol.

We’re also teaching this really awesome girl named tasha and we had an awesome lesson with her this week. She’s 23 or 24, she has 3 super cute kids and she’s going through a divorce and I don’t blame her cuz he’s a complete jerk. Anyway, her little girl matteson kept wanting to show me her dolls and wouldn’t really let us talk so sister felix played with her while I taught tasha and it ended up being about a 2 hour lesson cuz she had so many questions about everything. It was soo good. She’s never really prayed very much and it made he feel really weird at first and then at the end of the lesson she was like im gonna go pray. And I talked to her the next day and she told me she prayed twice the day before and she felt really good. So im really excited for her!!

One cool experience, we had a lesson with this lady named Karen that’s been meeting with the missionaries for awhile. So before we started the lesson we were trying to help her find her sewing needle that she dropped on the floor, could not find it anywhere. Doesn’t seem like that important of a thing but she was really worried about it and earlier that day she lost 2 gold rings that are worth over a thousand dollars each so she wasn’t in the best mood so in my head I said a little prayer and asked heavenly father to help us find the needle and I m not even kidding 2 seconds after that it was in a spot that I checked like 5 times. Heavenly father just like dropped it right there in front of us. I told Karen that I said a prayer to find it and her whole bad mood just went right out the window and she came to church yesterday!!! Yay!!! It was cool!!

Well yesterday was Halloween and it was awesome!! We had to either be in our apartments or at a members house by 6 until the end of the night. So we went to the cheneys of course and hung out there. I was in charge of the candy (not a very good idea) but I got to dress like cousin it and pass out candy all night…it was awesome!!!!

well that’s about it for now more to come next week. Have an awesome week!!! i love you all!!!!!!

Till next time

Sister C

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