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Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 47 12/13/2010

 bitter iowa winter!

Hello family!! How is everyone!! Thank you thank you for the Christmas sign and the package mom!! And thank you finally for the package brit! Very nice wrapping job amy and haley! And I got a chrsitmas card from the macintosh’s tell them thank you for me!

Highlights of this week: the weather is horrible and the sun is a liar! When your looking out the window and the sun is really bright outside, doesn’t look like its to cold but then you walk outside and nope its 2 degrees…kinda depressing. Lol. I love iowa! But I don’t know why anyone lives here during the winter!! Its painful! I would leave my house to go to church and that’s about it if I lived here.

Sister frisbys still been sick so we didn’t do a whole lot of tracting this week until yesterday. Ive had a lot of time to study though while shes been sick. I finished up the book of mormon this week and Im workin on finishing Jesus the Christ, doctrine and coventants and the pearl of great price right now since we’ve been inside so much. Im kinda goin crazy but that’s okay I guess.

On Tuesday we went over to the pawlowskis house to help their kids shovel the snow off of their sidewalk and driveway. That was my first time shoveling snow…and in a skirt! Wasn’t that bad my face was just about the only thing that was cold. Saturday we went over to see Karen and had a lesson with her. She was kinda bummed out cuz she had been stuck in side for the last 2 days and her doctor told her she was allowed to go outside but she really wanted to make a snowman in her front yard so sister frisby and I went and made one for her so she could see it through her window. That was the first time either one of us had made an actually snowman! I didn’t know that snow can actually roll! (we’re totally from California. Lol) but karen was excited about it and it made her happy!

Church got canceled yesterday because the weather was so bad and no one could really get to de witt so we went to the Methodist church here in town with our investigator ted. It was really nice! Everyone was soo friendly and it was a really good service. Later Sunday afternoon we went to the nursing home that we volunteer at while they were having their Christmas party and visited with some of the residents there which is always interesting. One of the guys that has downs syndrome there his name is Stanley, he’s so cute, we were helping him walk to another room and he was holding my hand and apparently he’s a licker cuz he licked my hand like 4 times. The rest of the day we ended up tracting and it was the worst tracting weather. I thought my face was going to fall off. It was soo cold and windy and we had people ask us if we didn’t have anything better to do. And one lady gave me another scarf and wrapped it around my face. Other than that the day was awesome!!!!

Well everyone that’s about is for my week. I love you all! Have a super awesome week! Thank you for everything!!

Till next time

Sister C

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Week 46 12/06/2010

I'm thinking shes maybe being a little sarcastic in her subject line considering when I looked at the temp. this morning  it said it felt like -6 BURRRRRRRRRRRRRR! lol  But regardless heres this weeks letter.

Subject: yay for snow!!

Hello again everyone!! Hope you guys are having an awesome day! I heard its rainin over your way…at least its not 5 degrees!! We have to leave pretty early for church on Sundays and I don’t do anything to my hair anymore after I shower so when we walked outside my hair froze within 2 seconds. I was afraid it was gonna snap off. Lol.

Well, honestly not much has happened since last Wednesday. Sister frisby has been sick pretty much since she got here so we’ve spent a got amount of time inside and at dr. appointments but we’ve had some really good lessons with Karen, ted and todd and tracy. On Thursday we went with bro. trainer (in the branch presidency) to some of his friends houses and shared to reflections of Christ video with them and we ended up getting a couple return appointment with them. Bro trainer was very bold and just told “hey, you need to get active in the church again and you need to take the lessons from the missionaries.” Karens really been getting into the gospel principles book which I might have told you that already. We went and saw her on Saturday and she wanted to go through the chapter in there about the life of jesus Christ good choice considering the season and she loved it! We had a good meeting with ted as always. He’s still being a stubborn old man as usual but you’ve gotta love him! You cant not love him! But while we were at his house it started to snow and we went out and played in it for a few minutes and by the time we left his house everything was completely covered in snow and it didn’t stop the rest of the night.

I hope everyone got to watch the first presidency Christmas devotional last night. It was awesome!! I love Christmas time! And im bummed I don’t get to spend it with my family and friends at home but im so excited to spend it with my family and friends that ive made out here and that I get to spread “Christmas cheer for all to hear” as a missionary and to serve heavenly fathers children, my brothers and sisters in iowa! In the words of the Grinch “maybe Christmas doesn’t come from the store, maybe Christmas means alittle bit more!” I love you all! Have an awesome week!

Abi! – Congrats! Im soo happy for you! I love you!!
Till next time!
Sister C

Friday, December 3, 2010

Maquoketa address

If you would like to write to her between now and Christmas. You can use this address.
108 N. Niagra #3
Maquoketa, IA 52060

Week 45 12/01/2010

Subject: love you!!!!

hello everyone!! First, congrats Steve and Ashley!! Tyler’s soo cute! He’s got some nice sideburns! Sounds like everyone had a pretty good thanksgiving only a couple stitches and a few wrecks atleast no one caught one fire this year….thats always good. Thank you for the PACKAGE MOM!!!! Thank you for the mandarins! Tell Ted I said thank you too!!

As for us last week was pretty good, we had district meeting on Wednesday and had our own district thanksgiving for lunch afterwards which was pretty fun! I just love being around all the other missionaries it is much fun! We have the best missionaries out here! I love em. Its really hard to teach during the holidays im starting to realize. People leave on vacation or they’ve got lots of family over. It should be a really good time because everyone is with their families but most people don’t want to because they are trying to spend time with their families and they don’t want us there at the same time. so we’ll see how this works out. Thanksgiving day we had an early lunch/dinner at sister younts house with her and her whole extended family. Sister frisby and I made a bunch of the paper turkeys that you trace your hands to make and (I found out Im either not very good at tracing or I have fat knuckles, I hope it’s the first) anyway we wrote a scripture about being thankful for the things god has given us on it (of course I cant remember which one it was) so after sister younts we went and left them on some of our members and investigators front doors or in their mail boxes. After that we went to the cheneys for another dinner and had a short lesson with sister cheneys dad that is visiting for a couple weeks. Not gonna lie I ate so much I didn’t get up off of their couch for about 2 hours. i should have worn my stretchy pants or skirt. Lol. It was a good thanksgiving!!

We’ve had a couple really good lessons with Karen the last week and a half. We had a lesson about prayer and how important it is and how the spirit talks to us by making us feel happy and peaceful when we are read the scriptures and pray. It started to snow alittle bit yesterday and we went over to karens house and made cookies with her and she’s been studying from the gospel principles book and had some questions about the priesthood so we talked to her about that for awhile. It was really good! She believes everything in the book of mormon and wants to get baptized we just have to get her husband to be okay with it and get her to set a date. I love her! She’s so awesome! She reminds me a lot of Leslie from iowa city. Other than that we haven’t had very many other lessons the last couple of days. Sister Frisby and I have both been sick since last Saturday and that’s always awesome! Not! I haven’t stayed inside for an entire day my entire mission until Saturday, that was the longest day ever. It went on forever!! Anyways, im getting kicked off of the computer so ive gotta go. Sister Frisby and I are staying together here in Maquoketa this next transfer so I’ll be here for Christmas. I love you all!!! Have an awesome week!!

Till next time!

Sister C!