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Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 53 01/24/2011

I love you all!
HELLO!! Sound like everyone had a pretty good week and trevors farewell went awesome I’m sure! I hope dad had an awesome birthday! And Happy Birthday to Josh and Allie this week! stop growing up!

I have no idea where this last week even went. We tried to be inside most of the week because its been so cold. We’ve been trying to walk as much as possible when we’re working here in town so we can save miles but tuesday was way too cold. We went to the nursing home and played dominoes with some of the old guys there and when we left it was -15 but with the wind it was -29, theres no way im walking in that. i would’ve died within the first 5 minutes as a pioneer. We’ve been doing a good amount of service this week for some of the members and less active members. it seems like our area is going kinda crazy this last week. we dropped all of our investigators this last week except for one, bill. Ted isn’t really interested at all just likes having us over to visit. Karen has been ignoring us lately for some reason. Todd and tracy swore to you know who that they would never join a church for some reason. And Charles we had a little “scuffle” with him last week. he’s adamant about wanting to know the truth and what god wants for him but he wont shut his mouth and listen to it when its right in front of him. Teaching him wasn’t going anywhere anymore because the second we would say something he would just shoot it down and wouldn’t listen. And then he got in my face and called me a liar and said that we’re the church of the devil and he’s never gonna go back to our church. He might as well of spit in my face…wouldn’t be the first time. Lol. So that was pretty irritating and sad at the same time, I don’t know what happened to him but oh well. He doesn’t believe that we have agency but we do or else there would be no point to life really and he chose to use his agency in a different way than god wants him to. We spent some time with our less active “grandma and grandpa” Frandsen this week. brother Frandsen fell and broke his hip and their daughter is bipolar and stole their car and drove to Texas and tried to kill herself and all this other crazy stuff and poor sister Frandsen is seriously about to snap. So we’ve been over there helping her with stuff around her house and we’ll be doing that again this week. we’ve also been spending some time with the mitchells. I don’t know if ive told you much about them but they are awesome along with the rest of our branch but we see them at least every Wednesday if not more than that. we help out at the Clinton engines museum that they run and they also have another museum and on Saturday we went and had dinner with them and had a tour of the other museum helping with training one of their new workers. Sunday brother Mitchell asked us to be with them while he got a blessing because he is having surgery on Tuesday for his cancer that came back. It was an awesome blessing and the spirit was so strong. Earlier in the week we went out to dinner, red robin!!! With one of my other favorite families (the Onkens) and sister Onken had her friend Jamie come and she asked lots of questions about the church and was really curious about a lot of things so we’re hoping to find a chance to teach her sometime. That’s about it for the excitement in Maquoketa this week. hopefully there will be some more next week.

Ps. I found Brother Van Johnson in an ensign with elder Quentin L. Cook the other day! Wow! It was weird. Lol

I love you all! Have an awesome week!! thank you for all your love and support. enjoy the weather at home cuz im turning into a popsicle here. lol

Till next time

Sister C

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week 52 01/17/2011 Courtneys 1 year mark!!!

Its hard to believe that a year has gone by so fast! Now just 6 months to go!!

Subject: hello!

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Sounds like you guys had a good time at the temple with trev! I love the temple! And I cant believe john is leaving this week! Crazy! Its daddys day of birth on Friday! Happy Birth-day dad!!! Thank you for the snow shoe things mom!!! They’ll come in handy. Its snowing a lot today!! I cant wait for spring!!!!!!!!!

Well not much has changed since Wednesday this last week was actually pretty slow. So we did some tracting and since ive been here for about 5 months now we’re starting to re-tract the town and people are starting to notice that I was the one that knocked on their door last time. We’ve still been meeting with Charles just about every other day and getting him into the book of mormon more. He’s a very stubborn man but when we read something from the book of mormon he agrees with all of it but he doesn’t agree with joseph smith even though those two are pretty much a package deal. We’ve been visiting some of the less actives in our ward and getting them to come back to church. A couple of the families don’t come out of pure laziness and because they’ve just gotten out of the habit of going. They say its just easier not to go because then they have to wake up early and drive 20 miles to get to church by 9 o’clock….get your butt out of bed and go to church but me just saying that doesn’t always work. Lol. I was reading chapter 6 in moroni this morning about how important it is for us to go to church and why, verses 4-6.

Well that’s about it for this week. Hopefully I’ll have more to tell next week. I love you all and have an awesome week!! Thank you for everything!!

Till next time

Sister C

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 51 01/12/2011

Subject: iowa!!!

To: macfamilyfarm@surewest.net

Hi hi hi everyone!! Anything exciting going on this week!? Whats everyone been up to? i hope you're all having an awesome week!!

I don’t have much time today and I lost my planner the other day so I don’t remember everything we did last week but I’ll do the best I can for right now. Well first thing, I’m not getting transferred so sister frisby and I are staying here in Maquoketa for another transfer. Im excited to be staying. I love the people in our branch their awesome! The work had been really slow pretty much the entire time ive been here but its slowly starting to pick up. We’ve been meeting with Charles almost every other day. He studies the bible every day and said its hard to get into something new like the book of mormon and the idea of modern day prophets. He says “me and joseph aren’t friends yet” so we told he’s gotta give him a chance first. So yesterday we finally started to get him into the book of mormon and read from the beginning to chapter 5 and then he started to get into the “story line” and he really liked it. He is awesome! We talk to him every day and that man has lived an interesting life for sure and he really wants to do what god wants him to do. Oh man, I wish you guys could meet him. I don’t know how to describe him he’s just Charles Edward Jenkins! You kinda have to meet him he cant be described. Lol. We did a lot of tracting the last week and a half. we’ve temporarily dropped ted because he’s just stubborn and makes up excuses so he doesn’t have to read or pray and doesn’t want to do anything but he still wants us to come over and visit but isn’t really interested in the church. Other than that we’ve been working with some of the less active families a good amount and they’re all awesome!!

Sister frisby and I have been sleeping in our family room for the last 4 weeks because when all the snow started melting apparently so did our ceiling. Sister frisby had her own personal waterfall on her bed and in our closet and so did the guy in the apartment across the hall from us so we all had to move all or our stuff out of the bedroom and sleep in the family room but they said they fixed it. Hopefully it will last. Makes for interesting memories though. Lol. Well everyone I love you all and I hope you have an awesome rest of the week!!

John I cant believe you’re leaving next week. Im soooo excited for you! And proud of you!!

Love you all!

Till next time

Sister C

Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 50 01/03/2011

Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2011

Subject: happy new year!

Happy new year everyone!! Sounds like you guys had a good new years! No one got hit by a firework this year, yay!! Just breakin ribs this time huh (travis)!! How was the rest of your week? Tell anna reid I said thank you so much for the gloves! I love them! I wear them everyday! And thank you to the zufelts, I got their Christmas card and everyone is getting soo big!!

Well everyone in the mission got cut 100 miles for the month of December and we were down to about 20 miles left this last week so we spent a lot of time walking. And it has been soo cold lately. Ive been wearing pants underneath my skirt the last couple of days when we’ve gone tracting. we had some really good lessons this week. We had 2 with Karen which were really good. We started teaching her the plan of salvation on tuesday but then she not she got really serious and started opening up a lot more about some of the things that she has questions about when it comes to her life and her relationship with god and what He wants her to do when it comes to being baptized. The spirit was really strong and we pretty much just sat there and listened to her for about an hour. we asked her to pray that night and really ask heavenly father what he wants her to do and she said she would. So we went back over there on Wednesday to finish the plan of salvation and the spirit was really strong that night too and she said she got her answer and it was that she needed to go back to her other church for at least a couple weeks that she would know what shes supposed to do after that. It was a really good lesson and the plan of salvation made so much sense to her. Then we had a lesson with ted…..i don’t know what to say about him. He’s one of the most frustrating old men ive ever met. I love him to death! He’s awesome! He’s just about as stubborn as I think you could get. I just makes me sad because he’s got everything he needs right in front of him he just wont take it cuz its not a part of his “routine” and he doesn’t want to change and I guess that’s part of it, we have to be willing to change. We can be more like heavenly father if we are willing to be more like heavenly father. Well we got to teach that guy named Charles that I told you about last week. He called us and wanted us to come over so we got to teach his twice last week. It was definitely a different lesson. that man cannot sit still. He’s very multi-tasked. Ive never seen someone drink as much coffee as he does. We would be sitting and talking about something and then he would get up and start moving furniture or making more coffee, just cant sit still. But he really wants to know the truth and he studies the bible. Ive never seen a bible so well used before that thing is fallin apart. he came to church yesterday and loved it. And he definitely wants to come again. New years eve was definitely different. We went over to karens house and spent some time with her. No one does anything apparently, no firecrackers or banging pots and pans or anything. This town was dead! really boring. Lol. Well lately ive been having a really hard time putting down the book of mormon. Preach my gospel and jesus the Christ. I LOVE them!! I cant believe how much I took the book of mormon for granted before my mission. We have the only true church on the earth and we are soo lucky to have that knowledge, we need to take advantage of that knowledge and that’s why im out here, to share that knowledge with other people. I love it and am so thankful for it! As we close the book of 2010, we open the book of 2011. The blank pages are ready to be filled…What will you put on those pages?

I love you all so much! Have an awesome week!

Till next time (next Wednesday/transfers)

Sister C

Week 49 12/27/2010

It was so great talking to her on Christmas Day. Grandma and Grandpa came over to talk to her too. Yes she missed not being with everyone but really is loving the people there.

: Mon, 27 Dec 2010

Subject: christmas is over..the snow can leave now!!

How was everyones Christmas!? I hope it was awesome! Thank you so much for all the chrsitmas cards everyone! I loved the stocking I got from sister reiff/the relief society and I loved the video that the alstons sent me and I got a card from the bramletts and from the achievement day girls…thank you guys so much!! You’re awesome! And thank you for the chrsitmas package mom and dad! Those slippers are so comfy along with the footy pajamas and they’re super warm which is what really matters out here.

Well our week was really good! Once we got to Wednesday the week just flew by. Wednesday we didn’t do much of anything. Sister frisby had a dr. appointment in davenport that we had to go to and were there for a couple hours and then the dr said she needed to go home and sleep cuz they knocked her out and she was all lethargic the rest of the day. It was pretty entertaining! On Thursday we worked in Maquoketa for the first half of the day and then we went to Dubuque for our district meeting later that afternoon. After district meeting we all went and had dinner as usual and then we went caroling in Dubuque! It was really fun, it reminded me of the Christmas that me, Brittney and Bethany, cody and a couple other people went caroling with elder beck and elder cooper except I didn’t have any dogs try to eat me this time. Lol. We had a couple people tell us we could come back and share more about the church with them while we were caroling so the elders that cover that area will be doing that. Since we were in Dubuque we called our investigator ted and we all sang to him over the phone. That was cool, he really liked it!

Friday morning we went to the food pantry at the Methodist church at 7:45 in the morning to help serve hot chocolate to people that were waiting for the pantry to open. Theres this one guy named Charles that we’ve gotten to be friends with that is there every week. He doesn’t have very much but he volunteers there because the food pantry helped him when he first came into town and so even though he doesn’t really have very much himself he still volunteers there to try and give it back. He’s a big black man and he’s awesome! I love him! He writes his own music and sang a Christmas song that he wrote to sister frisby and i. he made my day, my Christmas right there and I told him that. He doesn’t have a church that he goes to but he said he wants to come with us this Sunday and check it out. We’re hopin we’ll get to teach him sometime soon. Later Friday afternoon we went over to karens house and spent some time with her. She was at home by herself for Christmas eve. Her husband thinks he’s still 20 or something and goes out and drinks with his friends all the time and Karen is always at home by herself so we went and made cookies with her. Then after that we went and spent the rest of Christmas eve with the pawlowski family in our ward. Its definitely a Christmas eve I will never forget! Lol. I love that family! They’re so much fun and their kids are just crazy. After dinner the kids were all playing and sister pawlowski went to check on the turtle that they decided to get their son Jacob for Christmas and it was missing so we had to go on a search for the turtle without the kids knowing what we were looking for and hoping that the cat didn’t eat it. Lol. It was fun. They gave me a callaway golf hat of course for Christmas! Love it! Now I have my own. And sister frisby of course got a Frisbee! Awesome!! After that we came home and I made my pickles and cream cheese! Yum! Its just not Christmas without pickles and cream cheese..its just not! Lol.

Christmas day!! We got to sleep in till 8!! Whoo hoo! But of course my body is used to waking up at 6:30 so I still woke up at that time but don’t you worry I had no trouble going back to sleep! We did our usual routine and studied and then opened our presents that we had here. I got this awesome hand carved eagle that the onkens gave me. I love it! Thank you for the easy cheese!! Lol. And everything else mom and dad!! We went to a members house for lunch that day and then after that we went to the cheneys house and spent some time over there with them. And then we went to our branch presidents house for dinner that night before we went to the church and then I called you guys!!! I miss you guys soo much!! Im soo glad I got to talk to you guys! How was having the sisters over for dinner that night? So we were allowed to watch it’s a wonderful life with jimmy stewart for Christmas. So while sister frisby was talking to her family I watched it and I felt really weird watching a movie that wasn’t the restoration or finding faith in Christ. Lol. But I loved that movie!!

Well that was about it for our week. It was a good good week!! I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! Know that I love you all and thank you for everything!! Have a wonderful life/week!!!!!!!

ps. this is for amy: we get to stay up till midnight on new years eve and since we are two hours ahead of you guys i will be the 1st one to say HAPPY DAY of BIRTH to you!!!! so if your eyes start to itch at 10pm your time its cuz im thinkin bout you. lol. i love you!!

Till next time

Sister C

Week 48 12/20/2010

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas week everyone!!!!!

Thank you for the mandarins mom! I gave some of them to the cheneys and they loved them! whats everyone doin for christmas?!

Well we finally had a pretty busy week. Tuesday night we went to the Clinton museum for a big dinner/auction that the Jackson county historical society was having which one of our members bonnie Mitchell was in charge of. We went to that and helped with the auction alittle bit and then helped all the old people walked out to their cars so they didn’t fall and break a hip on the ice in the parking lot. Its already happened a few times. Ive never been to an auction before, it was really fun. Sister frisby and I decided we’re gonna make some money when we’re both home and go and blow it on something ridiculous like $200 on cinnamon rolls at an auction!

We have a less active/part member family that we are teaching now. I don’t think I’ve told you about them but bonnie is a member but hasn’t been active for about 20 years I guess and bill is not a member but they’ve always had some teachers that visit every month. Brother trainer from our ward had us visit them with him to share a Christmas message so we went and showed them the reflections of Christ video and they loved it. While we were sitting there talking with them brother trainer just straight up told bonnie that she needs to gets active again and told bill that he needs to take the missionary lessons and get baptized because it would change his life and be the best thing he’d ever done. Which is true I just wasn’t expecting him to be so bold especially cuz he’s a super quiet person. They both agreed with him and so we’ve been teaching them on Wednesdays for the past 2 or 3 weeks. We’ve got a lot of work to do with them but they’re a really cool family.

Thursday we had our christmas zone conference in iowa city which was really fun ! we had training as uaual in the morning until lunch time and then after lunch we had our Christmas talent show which was awesome! Our district leader elder perazzo has a really deep theatrical voice, he would be a perfect commentator for the history channel or an action movie trailer. So made his own one man movie trailer for the book of mormon and acted it out. I’ll send you the video of it it was hi-larious!!!! After the talent show we had a cookie decorating contest which was pretty fun! Most of us ended up eating of cookies before they had the chance to be judged.

Friday sister frisby and I went and helped out at a food pantry at the Methodist church here in town which I really liked. We got to meet a lot more people that are from here in town and we’ll be going back there every Friday. Saturday night we had our branch Christmas party and we had a pretty good turnout. Wasn’t the most exciting Christmas party but what are you gonna do when you only have like 50 members. Lol.

Well you remember our investigator joanie that we were teaching for awhile and sister felix and I got really close to her. Well she got forced into the nursing home here in town because she been sick for awhile. She wanted us to come see her again so we started going back. Yesterday I found out that she died on Tuesday. i had a feeling it was gonna happen, I think she just gave up though. She needed to be out of her house. It was the most disgusting thing ever! It was messy and gross and just nasty and she wasn’t taking care of her house or herself. She wouldn’t read her scriptures either because the messiness of her house distracted her from it and she couldn’t feel the spirit in that situation but she wouldn’t do anything about it either. Its really sad! I’ll miss her though. She was awesome!

Anyway, I cant believe Christmas is this week!! Holy cow! That’s so weird! I hope you all have an amazing Christmas! Spend time with your families! Have fun!

Isaiah 9:6

I love you all!!

Talk to you on Saturday family!!!!

Till next time

Sister C