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Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 53 01/24/2011

I love you all!
HELLO!! Sound like everyone had a pretty good week and trevors farewell went awesome I’m sure! I hope dad had an awesome birthday! And Happy Birthday to Josh and Allie this week! stop growing up!

I have no idea where this last week even went. We tried to be inside most of the week because its been so cold. We’ve been trying to walk as much as possible when we’re working here in town so we can save miles but tuesday was way too cold. We went to the nursing home and played dominoes with some of the old guys there and when we left it was -15 but with the wind it was -29, theres no way im walking in that. i would’ve died within the first 5 minutes as a pioneer. We’ve been doing a good amount of service this week for some of the members and less active members. it seems like our area is going kinda crazy this last week. we dropped all of our investigators this last week except for one, bill. Ted isn’t really interested at all just likes having us over to visit. Karen has been ignoring us lately for some reason. Todd and tracy swore to you know who that they would never join a church for some reason. And Charles we had a little “scuffle” with him last week. he’s adamant about wanting to know the truth and what god wants for him but he wont shut his mouth and listen to it when its right in front of him. Teaching him wasn’t going anywhere anymore because the second we would say something he would just shoot it down and wouldn’t listen. And then he got in my face and called me a liar and said that we’re the church of the devil and he’s never gonna go back to our church. He might as well of spit in my face…wouldn’t be the first time. Lol. So that was pretty irritating and sad at the same time, I don’t know what happened to him but oh well. He doesn’t believe that we have agency but we do or else there would be no point to life really and he chose to use his agency in a different way than god wants him to. We spent some time with our less active “grandma and grandpa” Frandsen this week. brother Frandsen fell and broke his hip and their daughter is bipolar and stole their car and drove to Texas and tried to kill herself and all this other crazy stuff and poor sister Frandsen is seriously about to snap. So we’ve been over there helping her with stuff around her house and we’ll be doing that again this week. we’ve also been spending some time with the mitchells. I don’t know if ive told you much about them but they are awesome along with the rest of our branch but we see them at least every Wednesday if not more than that. we help out at the Clinton engines museum that they run and they also have another museum and on Saturday we went and had dinner with them and had a tour of the other museum helping with training one of their new workers. Sunday brother Mitchell asked us to be with them while he got a blessing because he is having surgery on Tuesday for his cancer that came back. It was an awesome blessing and the spirit was so strong. Earlier in the week we went out to dinner, red robin!!! With one of my other favorite families (the Onkens) and sister Onken had her friend Jamie come and she asked lots of questions about the church and was really curious about a lot of things so we’re hoping to find a chance to teach her sometime. That’s about it for the excitement in Maquoketa this week. hopefully there will be some more next week.

Ps. I found Brother Van Johnson in an ensign with elder Quentin L. Cook the other day! Wow! It was weird. Lol

I love you all! Have an awesome week!! thank you for all your love and support. enjoy the weather at home cuz im turning into a popsicle here. lol

Till next time

Sister C

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