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Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 48 12/20/2010

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas week everyone!!!!!

Thank you for the mandarins mom! I gave some of them to the cheneys and they loved them! whats everyone doin for christmas?!

Well we finally had a pretty busy week. Tuesday night we went to the Clinton museum for a big dinner/auction that the Jackson county historical society was having which one of our members bonnie Mitchell was in charge of. We went to that and helped with the auction alittle bit and then helped all the old people walked out to their cars so they didn’t fall and break a hip on the ice in the parking lot. Its already happened a few times. Ive never been to an auction before, it was really fun. Sister frisby and I decided we’re gonna make some money when we’re both home and go and blow it on something ridiculous like $200 on cinnamon rolls at an auction!

We have a less active/part member family that we are teaching now. I don’t think I’ve told you about them but bonnie is a member but hasn’t been active for about 20 years I guess and bill is not a member but they’ve always had some teachers that visit every month. Brother trainer from our ward had us visit them with him to share a Christmas message so we went and showed them the reflections of Christ video and they loved it. While we were sitting there talking with them brother trainer just straight up told bonnie that she needs to gets active again and told bill that he needs to take the missionary lessons and get baptized because it would change his life and be the best thing he’d ever done. Which is true I just wasn’t expecting him to be so bold especially cuz he’s a super quiet person. They both agreed with him and so we’ve been teaching them on Wednesdays for the past 2 or 3 weeks. We’ve got a lot of work to do with them but they’re a really cool family.

Thursday we had our christmas zone conference in iowa city which was really fun ! we had training as uaual in the morning until lunch time and then after lunch we had our Christmas talent show which was awesome! Our district leader elder perazzo has a really deep theatrical voice, he would be a perfect commentator for the history channel or an action movie trailer. So made his own one man movie trailer for the book of mormon and acted it out. I’ll send you the video of it it was hi-larious!!!! After the talent show we had a cookie decorating contest which was pretty fun! Most of us ended up eating of cookies before they had the chance to be judged.

Friday sister frisby and I went and helped out at a food pantry at the Methodist church here in town which I really liked. We got to meet a lot more people that are from here in town and we’ll be going back there every Friday. Saturday night we had our branch Christmas party and we had a pretty good turnout. Wasn’t the most exciting Christmas party but what are you gonna do when you only have like 50 members. Lol.

Well you remember our investigator joanie that we were teaching for awhile and sister felix and I got really close to her. Well she got forced into the nursing home here in town because she been sick for awhile. She wanted us to come see her again so we started going back. Yesterday I found out that she died on Tuesday. i had a feeling it was gonna happen, I think she just gave up though. She needed to be out of her house. It was the most disgusting thing ever! It was messy and gross and just nasty and she wasn’t taking care of her house or herself. She wouldn’t read her scriptures either because the messiness of her house distracted her from it and she couldn’t feel the spirit in that situation but she wouldn’t do anything about it either. Its really sad! I’ll miss her though. She was awesome!

Anyway, I cant believe Christmas is this week!! Holy cow! That’s so weird! I hope you all have an amazing Christmas! Spend time with your families! Have fun!

Isaiah 9:6

I love you all!!

Talk to you on Saturday family!!!!

Till next time

Sister C

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