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Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 47 12/13/2010

 bitter iowa winter!

Hello family!! How is everyone!! Thank you thank you for the Christmas sign and the package mom!! And thank you finally for the package brit! Very nice wrapping job amy and haley! And I got a chrsitmas card from the macintosh’s tell them thank you for me!

Highlights of this week: the weather is horrible and the sun is a liar! When your looking out the window and the sun is really bright outside, doesn’t look like its to cold but then you walk outside and nope its 2 degrees…kinda depressing. Lol. I love iowa! But I don’t know why anyone lives here during the winter!! Its painful! I would leave my house to go to church and that’s about it if I lived here.

Sister frisbys still been sick so we didn’t do a whole lot of tracting this week until yesterday. Ive had a lot of time to study though while shes been sick. I finished up the book of mormon this week and Im workin on finishing Jesus the Christ, doctrine and coventants and the pearl of great price right now since we’ve been inside so much. Im kinda goin crazy but that’s okay I guess.

On Tuesday we went over to the pawlowskis house to help their kids shovel the snow off of their sidewalk and driveway. That was my first time shoveling snow…and in a skirt! Wasn’t that bad my face was just about the only thing that was cold. Saturday we went over to see Karen and had a lesson with her. She was kinda bummed out cuz she had been stuck in side for the last 2 days and her doctor told her she was allowed to go outside but she really wanted to make a snowman in her front yard so sister frisby and I went and made one for her so she could see it through her window. That was the first time either one of us had made an actually snowman! I didn’t know that snow can actually roll! (we’re totally from California. Lol) but karen was excited about it and it made her happy!

Church got canceled yesterday because the weather was so bad and no one could really get to de witt so we went to the Methodist church here in town with our investigator ted. It was really nice! Everyone was soo friendly and it was a really good service. Later Sunday afternoon we went to the nursing home that we volunteer at while they were having their Christmas party and visited with some of the residents there which is always interesting. One of the guys that has downs syndrome there his name is Stanley, he’s so cute, we were helping him walk to another room and he was holding my hand and apparently he’s a licker cuz he licked my hand like 4 times. The rest of the day we ended up tracting and it was the worst tracting weather. I thought my face was going to fall off. It was soo cold and windy and we had people ask us if we didn’t have anything better to do. And one lady gave me another scarf and wrapped it around my face. Other than that the day was awesome!!!!

Well everyone that’s about is for my week. I love you all! Have a super awesome week! Thank you for everything!!

Till next time

Sister C

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