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Friday, December 3, 2010

Week 45 12/01/2010

Subject: love you!!!!

hello everyone!! First, congrats Steve and Ashley!! Tyler’s soo cute! He’s got some nice sideburns! Sounds like everyone had a pretty good thanksgiving only a couple stitches and a few wrecks atleast no one caught one fire this year….thats always good. Thank you for the PACKAGE MOM!!!! Thank you for the mandarins! Tell Ted I said thank you too!!

As for us last week was pretty good, we had district meeting on Wednesday and had our own district thanksgiving for lunch afterwards which was pretty fun! I just love being around all the other missionaries it is much fun! We have the best missionaries out here! I love em. Its really hard to teach during the holidays im starting to realize. People leave on vacation or they’ve got lots of family over. It should be a really good time because everyone is with their families but most people don’t want to because they are trying to spend time with their families and they don’t want us there at the same time. so we’ll see how this works out. Thanksgiving day we had an early lunch/dinner at sister younts house with her and her whole extended family. Sister frisby and I made a bunch of the paper turkeys that you trace your hands to make and (I found out Im either not very good at tracing or I have fat knuckles, I hope it’s the first) anyway we wrote a scripture about being thankful for the things god has given us on it (of course I cant remember which one it was) so after sister younts we went and left them on some of our members and investigators front doors or in their mail boxes. After that we went to the cheneys for another dinner and had a short lesson with sister cheneys dad that is visiting for a couple weeks. Not gonna lie I ate so much I didn’t get up off of their couch for about 2 hours. i should have worn my stretchy pants or skirt. Lol. It was a good thanksgiving!!

We’ve had a couple really good lessons with Karen the last week and a half. We had a lesson about prayer and how important it is and how the spirit talks to us by making us feel happy and peaceful when we are read the scriptures and pray. It started to snow alittle bit yesterday and we went over to karens house and made cookies with her and she’s been studying from the gospel principles book and had some questions about the priesthood so we talked to her about that for awhile. It was really good! She believes everything in the book of mormon and wants to get baptized we just have to get her husband to be okay with it and get her to set a date. I love her! She’s so awesome! She reminds me a lot of Leslie from iowa city. Other than that we haven’t had very many other lessons the last couple of days. Sister Frisby and I have both been sick since last Saturday and that’s always awesome! Not! I haven’t stayed inside for an entire day my entire mission until Saturday, that was the longest day ever. It went on forever!! Anyways, im getting kicked off of the computer so ive gotta go. Sister Frisby and I are staying together here in Maquoketa this next transfer so I’ll be here for Christmas. I love you all!!! Have an awesome week!!

Till next time!

Sister C!

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