Heaven on earth

Friday, July 30, 2010

Week 27 07/28/2010

Hello everyone!! How was everyones week!?

Im sure amy’s having an awesome time at efy! I wanna be an efy counselor when I get home that’d be so fun! Im sure dads having a good ole time on his bike this week too. I cant believe the boys started school this week! That’s so weird! Tell them I say thank you for the prayers!what else have you guys been up to this week?

So this last week we got to do exchanges with the sisters that are in cedar falls right now. I loved being able to go back and see the fagerstens, josh and Kayla, the baileys and everyone else there. It was really weird being there without sister myers though…just wasn’t the same. I don’t even really know what to say about the last week except its been extremely busy. We’ve had back to back lessons pretty much everyday. We’ve got a couple new investigators. One is from bosnia his name is zico and another one is steve kuhl and then we’ve got ricky, and then deb which is one of our convert anna’s best friend. They’re all super legit and love learning and coming to church. Its awesome! Saturday we got to go downtown to the ped mall with the elders and try to make some contacts during and display kinda thing they were having for pioneer day. And then of course Gretchen got baptized last night which was amazing!!!! She’s so great! She and anna are pretty good friends now so they’ve got each other which is awesome. And oh my gosh, we have such an amazing ward here!! The people in our ward are soooo good at helping us by going to lessons with us, friend shipping our investigators and they’re just amazing!!

sister shields is leaving to go home tomorrow. Im staying in iowa city for at least another transfer more than that I hope. I don’t want to leave iowa city! I love it here! But I guess that’s probably how im gonna feel everywhere I go. Sorry its not very today but we’ve gotta get goin. Sister shields and a couple of the elders have to pack their stuff. But I love you all as you well know!! Thank you for everything and I mean everything!!

Till next time
Sister C

Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 26 7/19/2010

Aloha, hola, ya ta hay, shalom….HELLO everyone!!! Thank you so much for the package mom!! I love the pictures and the lake powell stuff! Happy late birthday sister!!!! Sounds like it was pretty fun! Amy’s gonna love efy! Im so excited for her!

Lets see this week in iowa city….we were super busy all week. We had interviews with president and sister jergensen on Tuesday which took up most of the day but they are amazing! Im so excited they are here. Oh my gosh I almost forgot….we don’t have to wear nylons anymore!!!!!!! Happy day!!! Now if they just said we don’t have to wear skirts anymore that’d be the best day ever! Lol. But then I would look normal and missionaries aren’t supposed to look normal so I guess I should just be grateful for what ive got. :)

We’ve been working really hard to find new investigators this week and we got a couple this week. We started teaching a lady named shay and her daughter destiny this week. Both of them commited to be baptized during the first lesson. Destiny is 8 and loves learning about jesus so we’re workin with them. Gretchens not going to be baptized this Saturday but we moved it back a couple days to next Tuesday. She was way too stressed about having it this Saturday but its still gonna happen. Anna is amazing as usual. She’s been sharing her testimony with everyone. We’re starting to teach her friend deb for the first time tonight.

So we have this lady in our ward named tasha, I love her! Her husbands not a member and has never liked the missionaries but he invited us to dinner on Thursday. So we went out to the amana colonies (an early german settlement, lots of tourist stuff) for dinner. We got to see the worlds largest rocking chair, if that’s not exciting I don’t know what is!!! When we got back from there we went and picked up our mini missionaries. Oh my gosh, they are amazing!! Sister hoff and sister folkman both almost 17 yrs old. We kept them pretty busy this weekend. Every appointment we went to with them was awesome! The spirit was so strong and we set 3 baptismal dates with them here. The people in charge of the program didn’t want the girls to have and “bad experiences” so we were kind of nervous about that cuz you definitely get your fare share of bad experiences on a mission, like having someone spit in you face. Lol. and you cant really do anything about that. But they loved it.we were so sad to have them leave.

well that was this week in a nut shell. I love iowa!!!! Take away the humidity and it would be perfect other than that its amazing!!!!! I hope everyone has an amazing week and a awesome rest of the summer vacation!! That reminds me, when is steph leavin for school?

I love you all more than you could know! Thank you for everything!!!!

Till next time (which will be next wed. because of transfers)

Sister C

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week 25 07/12/2010

HELLO!!!!!!! How is everyone! ? I hope you guys had an awesome time at girls camp! And the lake for those of you that stayed. :)

This week was pretty awesome! We had some really good lessons with Gretchen and Natasha. Since we cant do splits with our zone leaders elder bringham and elder devries they both came with us to a lesson with Natasha and it was such a good lesson. It was really fun having them there with us. We had zone conference on Wednesday , it was soo good. Elder redder from my mtc district is in my zone so I got to see him which was awesome, I missed him!! Oh my gosh, president and sister jergensen are amazing!!! I cant describe them any other way. It was the most spiritual meeting I think ive ever experienced. I just love the missionaries out here and president and sister jergensen soo much I cant explain it. I feel like my hearts gonna explode sometimes and then I thought about how crazy it is to think that Christ loves every single person sooo much more than that. Wow.
Saturday we got to go to the Nauvoo pageant! Oh my gosh, everyone needs to go to that! It was so amazing!! I just realized how bad I am at emailing every week cuz I cant describe or explain anything other than using the word awesome or amazing so just bare with me. Lol. Think of the best dessert you could ever have and multiply that by 1865.1 and that’s how good the pageant is!! :) aurora Florence is one of the main characters in the pageant so I got to see her and her whole family along with sister meddler. It was soo good to see some faces from home. So on our way to Nauvoo anna (the one that got baptized) said to me “im so glad you’re a mormon, you would have been a rebel if you weren’t”. it was pretty funny.
We get to do exchanges with sisters that are closest to us next week so I get to go back to cedar falls for 2 days!! Im soo excited!! I cant wait! We have 3 mini missionaries coming to be with us this weekend so that’ll be pretty interesting im sure but im excited for it.
Well that’s about it for this week. I love you all and have an awesome…no….amazing week!!!!

Till next time

Sister C

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week 24 7/6/2010

Courtneys letter didn't come til tuesday because of the holiday. Thanks to Brother Gelder for letting me know and for all the pictures. Just got home from girls camp so trying to catch up . Here she is...
Hello hello everyone!! Sounds like the family reunion was pretty exciting! Thanks for the pictures!

Lets see…we did a lot of tracting this week. Its so funny how people make excuses to not talk to us when we are tracting. Its like they feel like they have to justify themselves to us. We’ve gotten some people that tell us their entire schedule to tell us that they just don’t have time to squeeze us in, or we’ve gotten the “Im brewin my own beer right now, I don’t have time” lol. Apparently a lot of people do that out here cuz we’ve gotten that one a few times. We’ve had a couple of our investigators drop us and anna and leslie are both baptized now. Needless to say our teaching pool is draining pretty fast so im gonna be getting pretty good at tracting with how much we’ll be doin that this week.
So leslies baptism was on Saturday and it was amazing! Leslie was so happy! Her whole family came in from Alabama. Sister shields and I had to teach the restoration while leslie changed. And of course I was terrified of doing it in front of everyone. (mom, you know how I get. Lol) but it ended up being really good, the spirit was so strong and everyone was smiling throughout the entire baptism. Leslies son in law gary baptized her and after the baptism he came and just thanked us over and over again for teaching her. He said that their whole family never thought that this would happen in this life atleast. We really didn’t do anything, we were just the people that finally clicked with her and were able to help her connect all the dots. But im soo thankful for the opportunity that I had to be a part of it.
Well we’ve got another lady named Gretchen, she’s soo awesome! We started teaching her about 2 weeks ago. And she told us we weren’t going to convert her…..she’s getting baptized on the 24th of this month. She loves the book of mormon! She loves church and she loves just learning and the spirit that she feels when we teach her and when she reads and studies.
We’ve got zone conference tomorrow so we’re all lookin forward to meeting our new mission president and his wife. President and sister jergensen.
I LOVE this gospel and I love being out here and having the chance to teach and help people like anna, leslie and Gretchen. Even though its hard its totally worth it.
I love you all and have an awesome week!!!!!
Till next time
Sister C

Week 23 6/28/2010

Hello everyone!!! How was everyones week!? I hope it was super duper awesome!! sounds like you guys had fun at the lake.
Our week was pretty darn awesome! We had a lot of lessons this week, met with anna and leslie getting them ready for their baptisms. We spent a good amount of time tracting. We did a lot of service: some cleaning, yard work, painting fun stuff like that.
Thursday we had an awesome district meeting. Our new district leader, elder tenney is awesome hense the awesome district meeting. This transfer our zone is focusing on becoming new creatures in Christ everyday we’re working on becoming a new creature so we started on Thursday with becoming a “humble-bee” Friday was a “charita-beetle” satuday we were supposed to pop our “prideful puffer fish” Sunday was a hipp-hope-apotamus”. Lol. Our zone leaders come up with a new one everyday. I love our district this transfer! After district meeting we met with president and sister Talbot and had our last interviews with them before they leave on Wednesday. Sad!
Annas baptism was on Saturday and oh my gosh. I have no words to explain it! It was the most amazing baptism. The spirit was so strong it just hit you when you walked in the room! Anna was the happiest person ive ever seen when she walked out of the font and just hugged me and cried for a few minutes. i wish everyone could just realize that they can have that kind of happiness. Its really not that hard to get it! J
So we have another baptism this weekend for leslie lee. Her families been workin on her for the past 30 years apparently. She used to hate the church when her daughter joined and apparently I just time. We taught her for the first time about 2 weeks ago and then taught her the next day and she decided to be baptized. She is awesome along with everyone else I talk about. Lol. Her entire family is coming out this weekend from Alabama and she’s super excited!
I LOVE it here!! I miss you all so much and sometimes I just wanna be able to see you all but I know that this is where im supposed to be. Its hard to explain the feelings you have while on a mission because they’re all over the place, up and down, backwards, forwards, side to side..its like the tatsu rollercoaster (britt knows what im talkin about. Lol) but its totally worth every second.
I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!!! I challenge you all to become a new creature everyday! (2 Cor. 5:17)
Till next time!
Sister C!