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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week 23 6/28/2010

Hello everyone!!! How was everyones week!? I hope it was super duper awesome!! sounds like you guys had fun at the lake.
Our week was pretty darn awesome! We had a lot of lessons this week, met with anna and leslie getting them ready for their baptisms. We spent a good amount of time tracting. We did a lot of service: some cleaning, yard work, painting fun stuff like that.
Thursday we had an awesome district meeting. Our new district leader, elder tenney is awesome hense the awesome district meeting. This transfer our zone is focusing on becoming new creatures in Christ everyday we’re working on becoming a new creature so we started on Thursday with becoming a “humble-bee” Friday was a “charita-beetle” satuday we were supposed to pop our “prideful puffer fish” Sunday was a hipp-hope-apotamus”. Lol. Our zone leaders come up with a new one everyday. I love our district this transfer! After district meeting we met with president and sister Talbot and had our last interviews with them before they leave on Wednesday. Sad!
Annas baptism was on Saturday and oh my gosh. I have no words to explain it! It was the most amazing baptism. The spirit was so strong it just hit you when you walked in the room! Anna was the happiest person ive ever seen when she walked out of the font and just hugged me and cried for a few minutes. i wish everyone could just realize that they can have that kind of happiness. Its really not that hard to get it! J
So we have another baptism this weekend for leslie lee. Her families been workin on her for the past 30 years apparently. She used to hate the church when her daughter joined and apparently I just time. We taught her for the first time about 2 weeks ago and then taught her the next day and she decided to be baptized. She is awesome along with everyone else I talk about. Lol. Her entire family is coming out this weekend from Alabama and she’s super excited!
I LOVE it here!! I miss you all so much and sometimes I just wanna be able to see you all but I know that this is where im supposed to be. Its hard to explain the feelings you have while on a mission because they’re all over the place, up and down, backwards, forwards, side to side..its like the tatsu rollercoaster (britt knows what im talkin about. Lol) but its totally worth every second.
I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!!! I challenge you all to become a new creature everyday! (2 Cor. 5:17)
Till next time!
Sister C!

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