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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week 25 07/12/2010

HELLO!!!!!!! How is everyone! ? I hope you guys had an awesome time at girls camp! And the lake for those of you that stayed. :)

This week was pretty awesome! We had some really good lessons with Gretchen and Natasha. Since we cant do splits with our zone leaders elder bringham and elder devries they both came with us to a lesson with Natasha and it was such a good lesson. It was really fun having them there with us. We had zone conference on Wednesday , it was soo good. Elder redder from my mtc district is in my zone so I got to see him which was awesome, I missed him!! Oh my gosh, president and sister jergensen are amazing!!! I cant describe them any other way. It was the most spiritual meeting I think ive ever experienced. I just love the missionaries out here and president and sister jergensen soo much I cant explain it. I feel like my hearts gonna explode sometimes and then I thought about how crazy it is to think that Christ loves every single person sooo much more than that. Wow.
Saturday we got to go to the Nauvoo pageant! Oh my gosh, everyone needs to go to that! It was so amazing!! I just realized how bad I am at emailing every week cuz I cant describe or explain anything other than using the word awesome or amazing so just bare with me. Lol. Think of the best dessert you could ever have and multiply that by 1865.1 and that’s how good the pageant is!! :) aurora Florence is one of the main characters in the pageant so I got to see her and her whole family along with sister meddler. It was soo good to see some faces from home. So on our way to Nauvoo anna (the one that got baptized) said to me “im so glad you’re a mormon, you would have been a rebel if you weren’t”. it was pretty funny.
We get to do exchanges with sisters that are closest to us next week so I get to go back to cedar falls for 2 days!! Im soo excited!! I cant wait! We have 3 mini missionaries coming to be with us this weekend so that’ll be pretty interesting im sure but im excited for it.
Well that’s about it for this week. I love you all and have an awesome…no….amazing week!!!!

Till next time

Sister C

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