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Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 22 June 21, 2010

guten tag everyone!! well im assuming everyone had an awesome and super busy week since i havent heard from anyone. lol so our mission boundaries are changing and vermilion south dakota will be part of the omaha nebraska mission now and sister myers got transfered there so she will be in a different mission now which makes me super sad that i wont get to see her anymore but obviously thats where the lord wants her, thats the only reason im okay with it. lol. well theres not a whole lot to update you on since wednesday. president and sister talbot came to our ward yesterday so that president could interview anna. and its a go!!! she's getting baptized on saturday. oh my gosh she is so amazing!! the minute we taught her the word of wisdom she quit drinking coffee. what ever we tell her she does and says if thats what god said then i'll do it. i just love her!! she brought her granddaughter abby to church with her yesterday. abbys never been to church before and she loved it. she said shes never prayed before either so i taught her how to pray and anna said she prayed the whole way home in the car. and she went home and asked her mom if she could pray for her and told her that she believes in jesus christ now. thats huge for their family! anna is going to be the most amazing example for her whole family. she already is. friday there was a HUGE storm. the loudest thunder ive ever heard! 70 mph wind completely uprooting huge trees, tons of trees that got hit by lightning and just split right down the middle, streets were flooding, tornado watch....it was awesome!! would've been the best time to tract everyone was home and would think we're crazy for being out in it and let us in their house. lol. but we stayed at saras for awhile during it. i love iowa city!!! so, i've been trying soo hard to be the missionary that the lord wants me to be, to be consecrated and i fail miserably everyday. theres always something i can do better but i've started to realizes that the lord doesnt expect perfection but he expects progress. as long as i along with everyone recognize the things that we need to work on and we have the desire to change and be better and we put that desire into action then we're pleasing the lord. and im sooo grateful for that because theres no way im ever going to be anywhere near perfection. have an awesome week!! remember who you are........a child of god!!! (just in case you forgot) i love you ALL so much! thank you for everything!! till next time! sister c

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  1. Yesterday (Sunday) marked Courtneys 5 month mark. I told Mark it seems so wierd that we haven't seen her for that long but it is soooo worth it to see her growth and that she is serving the Lord to the best of her ability.