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Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 19 6/1/2010

Courtney's letter didn't come til today because the Library was closed yesterday. We did get a heads up on sunday from my "source" lol

Subject: howdy dudey!! To: macfamilyfarm@surewest.net
Hello everyone!!!! I hope everyone had an awesome week!! SWEET bruises steph!! Im sure the powder puff game was awesome!! I cant believe steph, travy, trev, vita and jess are graduating this week! and ames is going into high school..that makes me wanna through up! You’re all gonna be party animals this weekend! Well honestly this week was not the best for us. We had a couple people drop us, so we spent a lot of time tracting which I don’t mind so much anymore. But oh my gosh it is so gross and humid here. I thought I was going to die!! And tracting in that, you feel like you’re gonna throw up cuz you get so hot. So we tracted and did a good amount of service this last week. Did some yard work at a couple members’ homes which was awesome and we get to wear pants which is a bonus!!! So iowa city is pretty ghetto. We’ve got one area that’s pretty ghetto where some of or investigators live and theres always super sketchy stuff goin on over there. Crazy iowa! lol We’ve got an awesome family that we’ve been teaching. Their grandpa just joined the church almost a year ago. And man do black people know how to make chicken and kool-aid….mmm….good!!! I don’t know what it is but it’s the best kool-aid ive ever had. Lol. I know ive told you about sara and her daughter aja and their family alittle bit. We’ve been spending a lot more time with them lately. They’ve been having some tough times in their family right now but oh my gosh they are amazing!!! I LOVE them! i think sara and I were like best friends in the pre-existence. I cant wait for you guys to meet that family someday! Well, our investigator george that ive told you a lot about just called and dropped us right before we came came to email. He told us we were no longer welcome in his home and that we “worship a false prophet and that Joseph Smith was a manic depressive lunatic that wrote the Book of Mormon” that’s a first. Lol. He was like mad at us. Soo out of character for him, he’s not like that at all so im still kind of in shock from that and I have no idea what happened. But im not gonna let him drop us like that. If he wants nothing to do with us then he can say it to my face. So sister shields and I are going over there after we’re done emailing actually. Just to let everyone know….NO manic depressive lunatic would ever have the ability to write something like the Book of Mormon. Lol. The Book of Mormon is meant to bring us closer to Jesus Christ not Joseph Smith hence “another testament of Jesus Christ”...duh. Joseph Smith is just the tool that Heavenly Father used so we could have that testament. God is great Book of Mormon is good People are crazy! I love you all!!! Have an awesome week!! happy graduation everyone!!
till next time Sister C

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