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Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 20 6/7/2010

aloha, shalom, hola, ya ta hay.........HELLO!!!!

Hello hello everyone!!!! Sounds like this was another busy/exciting weekend!!
I cant wait to see pictures. Thank you so much for your email everyone. They make my day!

This week went by ridiculously fast. I cant believe this transfers almost over. Speaking of which I wont be emailing till next Wednesday because of transfers.
We started teaching our new investigator anna . Oh my gosh, she’s amazing! She looves the book of mormon, she loves the lessons, she LOVES church and she loves sister shields and i!! she’s got a very “colorful” (for lack of a better word) past but has been changing her life a ton!! She’s getting baptized on june 26th. Thursday morning we went to the VA hospital and were volunteers for this disaster drill the doctors were doing. So we got to be disaster victims. It was pretty exciting. Friday we helped sara and her family clean their new house and help move their stuff in and had dinner with them like we usually do on Friday nights.
So sister shields and I are doing this “40 day fast” thing that president Talbot gave us at zone conference. So for that we made a list of things that distract us, keep us from being disobedient, just little things that poke at our spirits and we pray and fast from those things for 40 days. Oh my gosh its so hard. and then all of a sudden all of our investigators dropped us so I felt like I was doing something wrong but I guess things have to get worse before they get better. Then Saturday we set 3 baptismal dates and we keep finding awesome new investigators that are sooo ready for the gospel. Its awesome!!!!!!!!!
Funny story, so the family that we live with, the gelders have a cat named misty that is their baby! They treat her like she is a person and she hates sister shields and I because the gelders love us and we take the attention from her. So she came down stairs last night and started hissing at me so I hissed back and we got into a big hissing fight until she left and then we woke up this morning and she pooped on my desk!!! She usually poops on sister shields bag when they get in a fight. Lol.
I get to go to Nauvoo tomorrow!!!!!!! Yaya!! President Talbot takes everyone that is getting ready to go home to Nauvoo for a day and sister shields is going home the end of next transfer so I get to go with them!i want to live in the nauvoo temple!! :)
Well that’s about it for this week. sorry this ones such a shorty. I hope everyone has an awesome week! You’re all in my prayers!!! I love you all!!
Till next time!
Sister C

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