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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week 21 6/16/2010

hello hello everyone!!! seems like everyone had a super busy week again! mom, thank you for the package. i love the shirts! and steph looked like a beast in her powderpuff game! well im staying in iowa city this next transfer!!! yay!!! so this week went by soo fast. tuesday i got to go to nauvoo with president and sister talbot and all the missionaries that are going home the end of this next transfer. it was so awesome! i totally forgot my temple recommend but president talbot vouched for me so they let me in anyway. lol. we went through and did an endowment session and then we got to go to the top of the bell tower i could have unscrewed the bolts that hold the angel moroni and taken them as a souvenier, but i figured that wasnt the best idea. so we went up there and sang our mission song together. president and sister talbot are going home on july 1st which is super sad! sister shields and i have been finding a lot of new people to teach lately. we've been doing a lot of tracting since most of our investigators have been dropping us. but we still have anna!! she's getting baptized next saturday and she cant wait! she's been inviting all her friends and telling everyone. i called her anna banana the other day just for you mom. lol. we have a 75 year old lady named leslie thats going to get baptized on july 3rd. we've taught her twice and her kids are members. she's been coming to church for a long time apparently and everyone thought she was a member but she asked us to come over and teach her and she started crying and said " i always wondered why everyone cried when they bare their testimonies and now i know why" it was so cute and awesome!!! so yesterday sister shileds and i went tracting and it started raining pretty hard and this guy named anders let us in and we talked to him for awhile and answered some questions he had and when we left the streets we completely flooded we had to run about 2 blocks to get to our car with the water past our ankles. we were sooooo soaked and we had to go to a lunch appointment at a restaurant. we looked like wet cats but it was soo funny! sorry this one is so short today but we have to go help the elders that are getting tranfered but i will email on monday!! i love you all!!!!! have an awesome week!!!! have fun at the family reunion, tell everyone i say hi!!!!
till next time!
sister c

An update on a couple in Cedar Falls. Josh and Kayla that she talked alot about were married in May and baptized the next day.

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