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Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 49 12/27/2010

It was so great talking to her on Christmas Day. Grandma and Grandpa came over to talk to her too. Yes she missed not being with everyone but really is loving the people there.

: Mon, 27 Dec 2010

Subject: christmas is over..the snow can leave now!!

How was everyones Christmas!? I hope it was awesome! Thank you so much for all the chrsitmas cards everyone! I loved the stocking I got from sister reiff/the relief society and I loved the video that the alstons sent me and I got a card from the bramletts and from the achievement day girls…thank you guys so much!! You’re awesome! And thank you for the chrsitmas package mom and dad! Those slippers are so comfy along with the footy pajamas and they’re super warm which is what really matters out here.

Well our week was really good! Once we got to Wednesday the week just flew by. Wednesday we didn’t do much of anything. Sister frisby had a dr. appointment in davenport that we had to go to and were there for a couple hours and then the dr said she needed to go home and sleep cuz they knocked her out and she was all lethargic the rest of the day. It was pretty entertaining! On Thursday we worked in Maquoketa for the first half of the day and then we went to Dubuque for our district meeting later that afternoon. After district meeting we all went and had dinner as usual and then we went caroling in Dubuque! It was really fun, it reminded me of the Christmas that me, Brittney and Bethany, cody and a couple other people went caroling with elder beck and elder cooper except I didn’t have any dogs try to eat me this time. Lol. We had a couple people tell us we could come back and share more about the church with them while we were caroling so the elders that cover that area will be doing that. Since we were in Dubuque we called our investigator ted and we all sang to him over the phone. That was cool, he really liked it!

Friday morning we went to the food pantry at the Methodist church at 7:45 in the morning to help serve hot chocolate to people that were waiting for the pantry to open. Theres this one guy named Charles that we’ve gotten to be friends with that is there every week. He doesn’t have very much but he volunteers there because the food pantry helped him when he first came into town and so even though he doesn’t really have very much himself he still volunteers there to try and give it back. He’s a big black man and he’s awesome! I love him! He writes his own music and sang a Christmas song that he wrote to sister frisby and i. he made my day, my Christmas right there and I told him that. He doesn’t have a church that he goes to but he said he wants to come with us this Sunday and check it out. We’re hopin we’ll get to teach him sometime soon. Later Friday afternoon we went over to karens house and spent some time with her. She was at home by herself for Christmas eve. Her husband thinks he’s still 20 or something and goes out and drinks with his friends all the time and Karen is always at home by herself so we went and made cookies with her. Then after that we went and spent the rest of Christmas eve with the pawlowski family in our ward. Its definitely a Christmas eve I will never forget! Lol. I love that family! They’re so much fun and their kids are just crazy. After dinner the kids were all playing and sister pawlowski went to check on the turtle that they decided to get their son Jacob for Christmas and it was missing so we had to go on a search for the turtle without the kids knowing what we were looking for and hoping that the cat didn’t eat it. Lol. It was fun. They gave me a callaway golf hat of course for Christmas! Love it! Now I have my own. And sister frisby of course got a Frisbee! Awesome!! After that we came home and I made my pickles and cream cheese! Yum! Its just not Christmas without pickles and cream cheese..its just not! Lol.

Christmas day!! We got to sleep in till 8!! Whoo hoo! But of course my body is used to waking up at 6:30 so I still woke up at that time but don’t you worry I had no trouble going back to sleep! We did our usual routine and studied and then opened our presents that we had here. I got this awesome hand carved eagle that the onkens gave me. I love it! Thank you for the easy cheese!! Lol. And everything else mom and dad!! We went to a members house for lunch that day and then after that we went to the cheneys house and spent some time over there with them. And then we went to our branch presidents house for dinner that night before we went to the church and then I called you guys!!! I miss you guys soo much!! Im soo glad I got to talk to you guys! How was having the sisters over for dinner that night? So we were allowed to watch it’s a wonderful life with jimmy stewart for Christmas. So while sister frisby was talking to her family I watched it and I felt really weird watching a movie that wasn’t the restoration or finding faith in Christ. Lol. But I loved that movie!!

Well that was about it for our week. It was a good good week!! I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! Know that I love you all and thank you for everything!! Have a wonderful life/week!!!!!!!

ps. this is for amy: we get to stay up till midnight on new years eve and since we are two hours ahead of you guys i will be the 1st one to say HAPPY DAY of BIRTH to you!!!! so if your eyes start to itch at 10pm your time its cuz im thinkin bout you. lol. i love you!!

Till next time

Sister C

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