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Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 50 01/03/2011

Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2011

Subject: happy new year!

Happy new year everyone!! Sounds like you guys had a good new years! No one got hit by a firework this year, yay!! Just breakin ribs this time huh (travis)!! How was the rest of your week? Tell anna reid I said thank you so much for the gloves! I love them! I wear them everyday! And thank you to the zufelts, I got their Christmas card and everyone is getting soo big!!

Well everyone in the mission got cut 100 miles for the month of December and we were down to about 20 miles left this last week so we spent a lot of time walking. And it has been soo cold lately. Ive been wearing pants underneath my skirt the last couple of days when we’ve gone tracting. we had some really good lessons this week. We had 2 with Karen which were really good. We started teaching her the plan of salvation on tuesday but then she not she got really serious and started opening up a lot more about some of the things that she has questions about when it comes to her life and her relationship with god and what He wants her to do when it comes to being baptized. The spirit was really strong and we pretty much just sat there and listened to her for about an hour. we asked her to pray that night and really ask heavenly father what he wants her to do and she said she would. So we went back over there on Wednesday to finish the plan of salvation and the spirit was really strong that night too and she said she got her answer and it was that she needed to go back to her other church for at least a couple weeks that she would know what shes supposed to do after that. It was a really good lesson and the plan of salvation made so much sense to her. Then we had a lesson with ted…..i don’t know what to say about him. He’s one of the most frustrating old men ive ever met. I love him to death! He’s awesome! He’s just about as stubborn as I think you could get. I just makes me sad because he’s got everything he needs right in front of him he just wont take it cuz its not a part of his “routine” and he doesn’t want to change and I guess that’s part of it, we have to be willing to change. We can be more like heavenly father if we are willing to be more like heavenly father. Well we got to teach that guy named Charles that I told you about last week. He called us and wanted us to come over so we got to teach his twice last week. It was definitely a different lesson. that man cannot sit still. He’s very multi-tasked. Ive never seen someone drink as much coffee as he does. We would be sitting and talking about something and then he would get up and start moving furniture or making more coffee, just cant sit still. But he really wants to know the truth and he studies the bible. Ive never seen a bible so well used before that thing is fallin apart. he came to church yesterday and loved it. And he definitely wants to come again. New years eve was definitely different. We went over to karens house and spent some time with her. No one does anything apparently, no firecrackers or banging pots and pans or anything. This town was dead! really boring. Lol. Well lately ive been having a really hard time putting down the book of mormon. Preach my gospel and jesus the Christ. I LOVE them!! I cant believe how much I took the book of mormon for granted before my mission. We have the only true church on the earth and we are soo lucky to have that knowledge, we need to take advantage of that knowledge and that’s why im out here, to share that knowledge with other people. I love it and am so thankful for it! As we close the book of 2010, we open the book of 2011. The blank pages are ready to be filled…What will you put on those pages?

I love you all so much! Have an awesome week!

Till next time (next Wednesday/transfers)

Sister C

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