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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 51 01/12/2011

Subject: iowa!!!

To: macfamilyfarm@surewest.net

Hi hi hi everyone!! Anything exciting going on this week!? Whats everyone been up to? i hope you're all having an awesome week!!

I don’t have much time today and I lost my planner the other day so I don’t remember everything we did last week but I’ll do the best I can for right now. Well first thing, I’m not getting transferred so sister frisby and I are staying here in Maquoketa for another transfer. Im excited to be staying. I love the people in our branch their awesome! The work had been really slow pretty much the entire time ive been here but its slowly starting to pick up. We’ve been meeting with Charles almost every other day. He studies the bible every day and said its hard to get into something new like the book of mormon and the idea of modern day prophets. He says “me and joseph aren’t friends yet” so we told he’s gotta give him a chance first. So yesterday we finally started to get him into the book of mormon and read from the beginning to chapter 5 and then he started to get into the “story line” and he really liked it. He is awesome! We talk to him every day and that man has lived an interesting life for sure and he really wants to do what god wants him to do. Oh man, I wish you guys could meet him. I don’t know how to describe him he’s just Charles Edward Jenkins! You kinda have to meet him he cant be described. Lol. We did a lot of tracting the last week and a half. we’ve temporarily dropped ted because he’s just stubborn and makes up excuses so he doesn’t have to read or pray and doesn’t want to do anything but he still wants us to come over and visit but isn’t really interested in the church. Other than that we’ve been working with some of the less active families a good amount and they’re all awesome!!

Sister frisby and I have been sleeping in our family room for the last 4 weeks because when all the snow started melting apparently so did our ceiling. Sister frisby had her own personal waterfall on her bed and in our closet and so did the guy in the apartment across the hall from us so we all had to move all or our stuff out of the bedroom and sleep in the family room but they said they fixed it. Hopefully it will last. Makes for interesting memories though. Lol. Well everyone I love you all and I hope you have an awesome rest of the week!!

John I cant believe you’re leaving next week. Im soooo excited for you! And proud of you!!

Love you all!

Till next time

Sister C

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