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Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 42 11/08/2010

Subject: hi hi hi hi hi

Hello hello!! Sounds like this weekend was pretty busy and homecoming was pretty good. Amy and tori are getting way to old…stop it!!

Well its gonna have to be a quick one today we’re using different computers today and these ones kick you off after 30 minutes. So in a nut shell this week was really good. We had another awesome lesson with tasha and helped her really get started with reading the book of mormon. We had a lesson with karen and she told us she wanted to get baptized and be able to have the feeling that she had when she came to church with her all the time. We asked her to pray and ask heavenly father when he wanted her to get baptized so that she can set the date herself. We had an awesome lesson with ted on Friday and had the frandsens come with us since they’ve known him forever. They’re all in their 80’s and both the frandsens are kinda hard of hearing so it was actually pretty amusing at the beginning cuz one of them would be talking and not even realize that the other one was talking at the same time.

We had some awesome lessons with ted and arlene that we took our friend liberty to with us. She’s been coming out with us every once in awhile and she’s awesome!!! Im about to get kicked off of here. Sorry this is kind of a pooper of an email. Next week will be longer and better! I love you all!! Have an awesome week!!!!

Till next time,

Sister C

Trust god to move your mountain but keep on climbing!

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