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Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 1

first of all i miss you guys!!!! im a missionary..weird!! so the first few days have been freakin awesome! soo long but awesome. i dont know why everyone said the first few days suck. and ive honestly been way to busy to think about it sucking even if it did. anyway, i LOVE my zone right now. we have the best elders, they're so funny. my companion is sister rawson right now. she's 29, from southern california. holy crap shes the perkiest girl girl ive ever been around overwhelming sometimes but i love her. the girls that i share a room with are all in my zone. sister wallace and sister junblut are both from hawaii! i love them. sister wallace is soo funny. but oh my gosh sister singleton is amazing! we were pretty much made for eachother. she's so cute. you would love her. shes my best friend here!! we have so much fun together i cant even explain. im going to put her in my pocket and bring her home with me...in a year and a half. lol. i see rye everyday! and hangout with him at lunch and dinner but cant really hangout hangout which is really weird. he's such a good missionary though. whitdawg comes in this wednesday! i wont be the new one anymore! :) so sister rawson and i had to practice teaching the first discussion the other day to one of the teachers brother bishoff....terrifying. but it was really good. i started crying while i was trying to talk (you know how much i love crying) and then i made him cry! i made a boy cry!! lol.the spirit was so strong though. yesterday was awesome, my first sunday and sister singleton and i went to choir after sacrament which was really fun. and had a fireside afterwards and watch the new version of the restoration after that with most of the mtc. this morning we went to the temple for an endowment session. wow!! it was just really cool being able to go through with all these new friends that ive made already. today we're just kind of hangin around trying to get ready for the rest of the week. i only have 5 minutes left on here though so im gonna go. but i love you guys sooo much and hope everyones doin super!!! tell craig i said to stop breaking his face!!
forever and always,
Sister Callaway!!
ps. dennas i love you guys!!
could you send me blakeys address please! i forgot it and i have a letter to send him that i wrote in only ONE DRAFT!!!!LOVE YOU GUYS!!
you know what would go good with that........a hot cup of DIRT!!!!! thanks boob!
i love love love you sisters!!!!!!!!!!
pss...send me letters on dearelder.com i like those!!!
psss... sister singleton and i LOVE quoting reba and movies with me so, I pretend I’m doing it with you guys too. lol

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