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Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 8

no bombs this week!

hello hello family!!! oh my gosh the snow is GONE!!! and its sooo nice outside! its 56 right now, i can finally go outside without a jacket! so we only had about 4 lessons this week. the rest of them canceled on us so we tracted and tried to see less actives alot which was pretty unsuccessful. which was the most frustrating thing ever but that just part of the work i guess. we're still tryin to get josh to quit smoking and tryin to figure out stuff to get them married so they can get baptized. slowly but surely. and we're teaching their friends jason and sarah. oh my gosh, i love them! they love sister myers and i cuz we're "normal". they're both awesome! the other day we were over there and sister myers was kinda talking to josh and kayla alittle bit while i was talking to sarah and she just started crying and hugging me, telling me all this stuff about their kids in foster care and if they dot get jobs and gettin stuff fixed around their house they're gonna lose the kids for good. talk about ripping my heart out. so we're tryin to help them find jobs and we're gonna go over and help them around their house. its hard being in that situation on a mission cuz i cant spend all my time doing everything i could like i would if i wasnt on a mission. i dont know if that even makes sense. lol. but thats jason and sarah for ya. so thursday night a bunch of people from our ward were volunteering to help the fire department with going around to neighborhoods and stuff to warn people about flooding this weekend in some areas. i got to wear PANTS!!!! oh my gosh i was soo happy! lol. so sister myers and i along with the elders in our district (elder roberts and rasmussen) got assigned to these 3 streets that were on the outskirts of town. we hit a deer on our way out there, got there and there ended up only being one house with people in it. the rest of them were totally trashed and abandoned which is super creepy when its dark outside. it was a fun adventure though. now for saturday....wow!! thats all i can say, it was......awesome!!!!! sister fagersten, her son joe, sister myers and left early that morning and went to carthage first actually. i loved it! i definately appreciated more now than i did when we went when i was 14. i was 14, it was summer time and i wanted to go home. sorry bout that mom and dad i was a brat. :) so from there we went to nauvoo and went to the temple. i was soo freakin excited and then we were actually walking un the steps was when i realized....oh my gosh...im going INSIDE the NAUVOO temple...crazy!! oh man. i dont even know how to explain or describe anything from then on. after the temple we went to the seventies hall, then just around the town alittle bit. oh my gosh, and then after that we went to the nauvoo stake conference and got to see elder holland speak!! oh my gosh!!!!! im pretty sure that tops a pipe bomb!!! that was our week though, in a nut shell of course cuz i honestly dont know what happened to this week, went by soo fast but at the same time i cant remember half of it. lol. the baileys are gone this week so sister myers and i have the house to ourselves! partay! she made brownies and we jumped on the trampoline...thats us goin buck wild as missionaries! lol.
well, i did get my package so i did get to take my temple clothes. thank you so much!!!!! i love them! and i did get the letter and pictures also. and im so happy you got an email from sister fagersten. she soo awesome! she reminds me of you mom and becky mixed into one! that means shes way awesome!!! hey when do i get copies of our family pictures? im soo sorry about aunt lil mom! let me know whats going on with that.
im gonna get kicked off the computer. i love you all soooooo much!!! have an awesome week!!
forever and always
sister c

*this is the church of happy endings!!!!!

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