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Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 3

HI!!! how are you guys!? thank you for all the emails everyone!! they make my day!! everythings pretty much the same as it was last week except every day gets better and better. except for half of my zone is leaving this week! its gonna be soo weird without sister singleton here! i forgot to tell you last week but i wish you guys could have been here for my blessing when i got set apart. it was amazing, really!!! i guess i just have to wait to tell you about it though. im soo excited and happy for grandma and grandpa getting their blessings! thats awesome! i can’t believe craigs wedding, is so soon! holy crap, thats so weird to think about. speaking of that whats goin on with his face!? whit got here last wednesday, seen her a couple times. i had to practice teach an "investigator" that was definatley harder than the first one i did. but it was still really good. last week we taught a 67 year old black man named james. oh my gosh i loved him. i just sat and talked to him the whole time about the restoration and the second my companion started to talk to him he fell asleep. so awesome! it was really funny!! but thats about it for this week! what have you guys been doin this week!!! thank you for all my letters ames!!!! i love them! i love you all so much! and i miss you but i love that im here. i know im supposed to be here and it explains that in part of my blessing that i had. but ill tell you that later. have a super duper week everyone! i love you!!! thank you for all your emails aunt dena!! love you! thank you for the chocolates aunt karen and uncle gary!

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