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Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 6

hello loved ones!! oh my gosh, i am soo sick of the snow but its starting to melt and i love it!!! i never knew ice cicles were so dangerous. sister myers and i like to refer to them as death cicles now. we were tracting a couple days ago and knocked on this door, there was a HUGE/super sharp ice cicle hangin in front of the door and i make the mistake of saying what if that just fell on you!? haha... and when this lady opened her door it hit the ice cicle and was like 2 inches from sister myers' face. it almost killed her hence death cicles. haha. that was kind of a pointless stroy but it was funny. anyway, thank you sooo much everybody for all the birthday cards and emails. i really never understood why missionaries are so obsessed with mail till now and i love love love getting it!!! thank you! and sister myers says thank you for lunch dad!! :) and i LOVE my birthday booty card!! awesome! i love those rabbits.lol. tuesday we had zone conference, soo good! sister myers and i are the only sisters in our zone. oh my gosh, guess where we went to dinner afterward....RED ROBIN....YUM!!!! it was soooo delicious!!!! i cant remeber if i told you this last week but we go to the nursing home down the street every wednesday and help with bingo....i had three 85 year old men ask me to marry them this week. it was really funny. i feel like im at work with dad when im there. lol. on wednesday we had dinner with the craziest old couple in our ward (the rogers).i dont really know how to describe any other way than crazy but hilarious. sister rogers really wanted to play apples to apples so we ended up playing with her for about an hour. not as much fun as game night at the dennas but it was fun. josh is doing awesome. he came to church yesterday and looked so nice, got his hair cut, shaved, had a shirt on! :) he started trying to quit smoking this last week and is doing pretty good with it i think. sister myers and i made him some no smoking cookies the other day. decorated them with the no smoking sign with the line through on them. we took them over to his house. they were home but i could smell cigarette smoke coming from inside and they didnt answer the door which i though was kind of funny. this week really wasnt very eventful...we had pday, zone conference then most of our appointments canceled, tracting wasnt very successful and then sister myers was sick and then we got stuck spending all day saturday cleaning the apartment the elders used to live in. so theres not much else to talk about other than the fact that our ward is awesome! but im pretty sure ive already said that before. brothers myers did bring me peanut butter capn crunch for my birthday..that was awesome! what else what else........im thinking.......im thinking.......................how come i havent gotten any letters from my sisters yet since ive been here...thats odd! ive already gotten 3 from anna! lol. vitas not an alien anymore YAY!!! but now i cant use her as an excuse to go to russia when she gets deported dang it!!! lol. i cant believe haleys trying out for volleyball...crazy. shes got the long legs for it though. whats dad been up to? hows the man shop comin along? everyone just tell me what they're doing instead of me going through each person cuz theres so many. lol. oh my gosh, i forgot....there is this little boy named avery in our ward that looks exactly like russell from the movie UP. except with red hair. he is the cutest thing ever! its so hard not to pinch his cheeks. lol. i told him he needs to wear his boy scout uniform and let me take a picture so i can sent it to you. well the computers gonna kick me off so im gonna go. i LOVE you ALL so much!!!!!! have a super duper week!!!
Sister C

are we going to the opera......i dont think thso!!!

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