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Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 9 - Wednesday 3/24/2010 Transfer Week

sorry i forgot to tell you i wasnt emailing till today! im sure you got sister fagerstens email though. lol. how is everyone!? whats new?
i really dont have a ton to say right now. i can barely even remember last week. we had alot of appointments cancel or bail on us again this week but what else is new, so we spent alot of time tracting. had dinner and a little game night with the fagerstens on friday which is always awesome! saturday we went to our other area that we cover (waverly) and helped tear down a garage. it was supposed to be a big service project that they asked us to come help with but it ended up being just sister myers and i with 5 other guys. but we got it done. it was fun! and one of the guys that was there reminded me of brian baker sooo much. i felt like i was talking to brian the whole time except brian doesnt smoke like a chimney. atleast he better not. lol. we taught josh, kayla, jason and sarah later that day. josh is all for church every sunday now and we finally got the rest of them to say they would come. then later saturday night we went over to the mix' house for dinner. sister mix had two of her friends (thaddius and delores) that are living with her family right now there and wanted us to teach them. so we ended up teaching them most of the 1st lesson and them just talked about the gospel in general the rest of the time. i love black people! they're so funny and get so into the lessons. so sunday came around and i had to call jason and wake him up and threaten him to get out of bed and get ready for church. so jason, sarah, josh and kayla all came to church along with thaddius and delores and one of our less active members annie came with her husband larry who's not a member that we've met with once. so we ended up having 7 investigators at church this week!! and then i found out that josh and larry actually already knew eachother before we introduced them at church. and josh told me all about how he and larry actually met when they were both in jail, they were in the cells next to eachother and they used to stand on the toilets so they could hear eachother through the vents and read the bible together. i thought it was awesome! and it kinda reminded me of prison break for some reason. lol. sunday was awesome though!! i was soo freakin happy all day, couldn't not smile! cant even imagine what it'll be like when they finally get baptized. :)
anyway, lets see.....monday felt soo long without pday. we went tracting most of the day cuz our appointments canceled on us. we tracted a street that was all college students which terrify me for some reason. lol. i was soo nervous at first but then once we talked to a few people i was a little more relaxed. we had 20 contacts on that one street and had 8 of them want us to come back!! monday night we went over to one of our investigators house (paul rice). he's about 65-67ish. we've taught him once. he's super nice, funny and super lonely. we taught him monday night and played cards with him for a little bit after that. he got got soo excited that we wanted to play cards with him. he wants us to help him find a nice woman...theres not much we can do there so we're gonna talk him into getting a dog. lol. speaking of dogs...you still want a huskie dad? sarahs trying to sell hers cuz they need the money. i'll send her to you! lol. and theres a family in our ward with a st bernard.....oh my gosh, he's the biggest thing ive ever seen. okay maybe not ever but he's hu-mungo!!!!!!
well after this sister myers and i are goin over to a member from the waterloo ward with the elders and making mocassins!! im so excited! i get to be full indian for the day mom!! saweet!! haha.
well its wednesday but i will get to email in a couple days on monday again.
i love love love you all! have a fan freakin tastic week!!
forever and always
sister c

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