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Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 7

so this week started off with a big boom...literally. i make myself laugh. sometime super late saturday night someone put a pipe bomb (w/ a metal pipe instead of pvc like a normal pipe bomb..not that i have expericence with that lol.) in our mailbox and blew it up! that thing was all over the neighborhood, dented the garage door across the street, blew off pieces of the siding of the house and the house down the street from us. but i went out to put a letter in the mailbox earlier that day and it was full of bb's that they put in there ahead of time i guess. i thought it was weird but i dont know what iowa people do with their mailboxes so i didnt think anything of it. lol. i dont know how i slept through it thought cuz everyone else heard it. but atleast the mail man took blakes letter before it blew up or else i would be soo upset right now...it took me forever to write that! jk. well that was our excitement yesterday. we were late for church cuz the cops wouldnt let us leave until they were done "processing the scene". lol. so this week we taught josh and kayla the law of chastity...talk about awkward...i was afraid it was going to be atleast. but we are super close with josh, he tells us everything now so it wasnt bad at all. it was really funny actually, we were reading through the law of chastity pamplet and he just sat there with this huge grin on his face and said.."well i guess ive been breakin that law for a long time then."and just laughed and they both decided they want to get baptized!!!! i cant even explain how excited we were after we left their house that night we talked about it. sister myers and i were bouncing in the car the whole way home. lol. and we get to plan a wedding!!! cuz they're getting married before the baptism so thats in about a month i think. we havent figured that out exactly yet. we just started teaching two of their friends this week too. jason and sarah. their awesome! we taught them friday night and it was the best lesson ever. i cant really explain it, jason just constantly asks sooooo many questions and has such and open mind about it and wants to understands. his girlfriend sarah totally depends the church and says that it totally makes sense...hello can you say "golden"!! they saiod they talked to the missionaries about 6 years ago so we just need to finish what they started. which would be awesome!!! other than that we've have just about every one of our appointments cancel this week so we've been doing alot of tracting which you know how much i love and just alot of visiting less actives..or trying atleast. i want you guys to meet the people here so bad. oh my gosh, i cant even go through and name everybody theres to many. but you will someday. oh my gosh, i get to go to the nauvoo temple this saturday and do a session. im SOOO excited!!! which reminds me im soo happy you finally got my stuff mom. that scared me. which i wish i had it for this weekend but oh well. but if you do send it to me eventually make sure you do it through the regular mail or else it will sit at the mission home forever. we get to ride to the temple on saturday with sister fagersten and her son joe that is getting ready to leave on his mission to spain and i still need to send you his cd that i have for you guys. and no i havent gotten any pics from you yet mom i hope i get them soon though. im glad ames got my letter though. i love that aud put all of that up on her blog. thats awesome. and there will be more to come! im glad the man cave is almost done, so it'll be nice and broken in for when i get home and get to live in it huh...sweet! well i dont have very much left to say about the week. it was pretty slow and i hate that when i come to email i can barely even remember the week. lol. sorry its not a very eventful email this week i'll try to top the pipe bomb for next week!! parker you're gonna be a missionary soon!!! yay!!! i LOVE you all sooooooo much. and i miss everyone!! have an awesome awesome week!!
forever and always,
sister c (everyone else calls me sister sacramento)

"put that in your book!!!" haha

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