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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Call....

Courtney recieved her mission call (in the mail) On December 26, 2009. Ok, well if we go back a few days. The 21st to be exact. Mark and I were out christmas shopping and Courtney called us saying the Stake President called her and said "So I hear you are going to Des Moines Iowa?" And her response was "Uh, well I don't know I haven't gotten anything yet." and he said "You haven't? Um, I'll call and findout whats happened." So come to find out there was a little bit of a mixup. Her call was ready to go, and the report date on the letter was "March 3." I'm guessing the Mission President was notified and then contacted the Stake President to ask if it were possible for her to report earlier than the original date January 20th. SO, he (the Stake President) didn't know that she hadn't gotten it in the mail when he called her. She told him that she could report early to the Missionary Training Center. SO the rush was on!! So much to do in LESS THAN A MONTH!!!

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