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Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 4 1st week in Iowa

Helloooo Iowa!!!!!
it is soo freakin cold here!!!! its painful! but other than that i LOVE it here! so i aldready told you on the phone about the guy i talked to on the plane..epic failure since he only listend to me cuz he wanted to ask me out...awkward. but we got to des moines wednesday afternoon and president and sister talbot and a couple elders were waiting for us at the air port. went to their house, had dinner and did some welcoming stuff and stayed the night there. they're awesome! i miss my district from the mtc so bad though already. but im in cedar falls right now with sister myers as my trainer/companion and she is...awesome! i love her! super cute, kinda quite until you get her to actually talk and im gettin it out of her already. we're living with a family in the ward..the baileys. bro. baileys the first counselor in the stake presidency and they've got 6 kids (i think) but the 2 youngest are the only ones at home now. elizabeth is 15 and alice is 12. they're super nice. so our area is huge!! and its just sister myers and i that cover it so we've got alot of work to do. since neither one of us have been to this area before we're "whitewashin it" and have been trying to meet investigators that were working with the elders before us. so on saturday we went to meet this guy named josh. we knock on the door and his girlfriend answers and he comes to the door without a shirt on, lets us inside and we talked to him for awhile. everytime he got up to take care of one of the kids i saw his entire butt. big nascar fan...nuff said. it was hilarious. he reminds me of uncle bill so much (beecroft). we had a girl (monique) be confirmed yesterday, it was awesome! she's soo stinkin sweet. i love her. and then last night we went and taught julieann, she had been talking to the missionaries for about 2-3 weeks, gone to church twice and we talked to her about baptism last night and she said she wouldnt do it cuz she's already been and her daughter is lutheran and has to take her to that church. we assigned her to read 3 Nephi 11.....she called us a couple hours later and told me that she might be interested in being baptized! it was awesome. so we're meeting with her again on thursday. brother myers is our ward mission leader and oh my gosh i love him. hes freakin awesome! i dont really know how to describe him other than that. oh my gosh..and the fagersten family! (yes, the name sounds just like its spelt). lol. they are amazing! we went over there after church yesterday for lunch. they've got 9 kids but only 3 at home. joe 19, ben just turned 18 yesterday and jacob 16. i LOVE them! i feel soo at home when im there. they're so much fun. they're having us over next monday for my birthday!! yay! joe is amazing on the piano. im gonna send you one of his cds! thats been about it since i got here on thursday. i love love love it! minus the horrible but sometimes beautiful snow. oh yeah, amy...the ice cicles here are HUGE!! i took some pictures that i'll send you. i need brit to get ahold of john mortimer and tell him that the song he wrote is the mission song and they sing it at every district/zone/mission meeting. and that the fagerstens say hello!!! so i dont really know how the whole dearelder.com thing works now that im out in the field. and my email apparently doesnt work cuz theres a newer version. you'll still get this but i dont get anything from anyone on here so i have to figure that out. either that or its just noone loves me enough to email me. lol. whats everyone been doin? hows softball for steph? tell me things!! i dont know whats going on with anyone. lol. hello to everyone my mom sends this to....i LOVE you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! well im going to go put pants on for as long as i can. have a super duper week everyone and i love you!! Sista C.
i read good kyra!! :) you should feel well about yourself

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