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Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 5 "Golden"Birthday

ya ta hay loved ones!!
hi hi hi!!! 22 years ago today i was birthed!!! yay for me! thanks mom and dad. lol. my email is working now so ive gotten everyones emails! thank you thank you!!!! oh my gosh thank you sooo much for my birthday package and my stawberries! they we're amazing! brother myers' bday was yesterday so we had a little pizza party for both of ours and i gave him one of my strawberries and he says thank you!!! thank you for my valentines day flower dad!! i loved it! and wades cookies....amazing as always! everyone loved them!!!! thank you! so we've had some fun tracting experiences this last week. first of all...im not a very big fan of tracting at all but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. one thing that im really trying to work on is patience and letting things go i guess right now.we had one lady tell us while we were tracting that jesus died for our sins and you dont have to do anything to gain your salvation, that is just given to you and that we are being decieved and kept going on about the dumbest things (but she was super mean about it) and you know my mouth, i had to try soo hard to not tell her that she was an idiot. lol. i'll wait to do that till i get off the mish. we had one lady that was pretty rude and she called all of her neighbors and told them that we were in the neighborhood so they either answered and told us no while they were on the phone with her or they just didnt answer. it was sooo annoying but its funny now. so our ward is amazing! brother myers is so awesome! he's so on top of ward missionary work but the whole ward is pretty much. we had so much to eat yeserday, went to brother myers' for our little party and then had dinner at bishop diesers right after that. he was telling us about the tornadoes they had last year and one i 08 that was really bad i guess. wiped out most of parkersburg i guess if you find an ensign from october 08 theres stuff about it in there. haley! im sorry for never letting you play the piano! i promise i will never tell you to stop playing it again as long as its not at 6:30 in the freakin morning. the family that we're living with, sister bailey plays the piano at 6:30 EVERY morning!!! really...normal people dont do that. they are the most structured family ever! its weird. lol. we had dinner with the fowkes saturday night. they're also awesome. sister fowkes reminds me of becky! they've got quads...and a banchee!!!! kills me! ive been studying the 2nd coming alot lately..and holy crap i dont know ANYTHING! i but theres somethin about being on a mission that makes is so much easier to learn, and even if youve read something before you learn something new everytime you read it. i LOVE it!! i cant believe blakey comes home in 4 months! that is so crazy! he should just stay out for another year and a half so we can come home at the same time...sounds like a plan. lol. and oh my gosh....are you kidding me do i need to come home and beat some sense into jeff and shawn!! im shocked..... anyway, im not sure what else to talk about so i guess i'll just go. but i LOVE LOVE LOVE you all sooooooooooooo much!! have an awesome week!!
forever and always,
sister callaway

my knee hurts.
which one?...............
my elbow hurts!!

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