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Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 11 04/05/2010

Merry Late Easter

hello hello!! how was everyones week? i hope it was awesome! sounds like dad, uncle mike and everyone else had alot of fun at the sand dunes! haha. thats what you get for going without me. jk. thank you soo much for my easter package!! i LOVE that plan of salvation puzzle! its awesome! and oh my goodness i missed andrea! lol. and thank you for the clothes. sister myers says thank you too! im sending you a package today with some random stuff and my memory card finally! i hope aunt angie is doing okay. whats goin on with her? whats everyone else been up to? oh my gosh steph, vita, trev and travy are graduating so soon...thats so weird!! i want some of their sr. pics when they get em...please? thats exciting though. and amys going into high school...i dont even wanna think about that. im sure the man cave is gonna look awesome when its done. thats exciting daddy-o! oh and happy late day of birth ashley and aubrey!!!! hope it was awesome! (i just realized i really like the word awesome)
anyway....as for me out here in iowa, sister myers and i tracted alot and did alot of service this week. we had bingo as usual on wednesday, thursday we were supposed to teach josh and kayla so we went over to there place. josh struggles financially because he's on disability and isnt supposed to work and was going to be kicked of of their tralier the next day if he didnt come up with the money so we called around trying to find some random house or yard work he could do that day to make some money. i cant even explain how much i love them. so sister myers and i went with josh and kayla to the rogers house and cleaned the gutters and just did a bunch of yard work for them. and eventually got it so they could pay their rent. friday we went over and helped a guy "mean gene" thats kind of an "eternal investigaor" apparently. the missionaries have been teaching him for a long time and he kinda just uses them for service on his property. sister myers and i went over to his place and split wood and chopped off a bunch of tree branches for a couple hours. and then we tracted pretty much the rest of the day.
im glad you guys liked conference! i hope everyone did cuz it was awesome!! guess what....i stayed awake for the enitire thing!!!! thats the first time EVER! lol. just think about how ridiculously amazing it is that we have the opportunity to listen to someone speak to us that speaks to god! im so bad at remembering all the talks though. i have to look at my notes. lol. but i loved elder hollands as always. he's amazing!!! and president uchtdorfs talk about being the lords hands! which is what we should all strive to be! i know and while ive been out here my testimony has grown soo much more that jesus christ lives! he is literally our savior and without him our lives are pointless. i want to be with my family forever and thats why i am trying my best to do what i need to do in order to be with my family in the celetial kingdom because thats the only place where that can happen. (you guys are stuck with me..sorry. lol) anyway, we watched conference at the church which i also have never done before. we were supposed to have atleast 6 investigators come but only one came. tyler vincent and he is so mormon he just doesnt know it...yet. :) we had easter dinner with the zauggs which was really fun. they have 3 little girls and brother zaugg says he's feels your pain dad. lol.
we've been having alot of fun with the baileys lately. president baileys been loosening up alot lately which is weird but apparently its because he heard that the kids that blew up the mailbox said it was because he's a big grump. it was so funny when he told us that. but i love the baileys, they're awesome. alice said shes talked to amy on facebook alittle bit. haha.
well, thats about it for this week that i can think of. but i love you guys so much and pray for you all!!
have a super dee duper week!
forever and always
sister c

Courtney didn't include a quote, so we were like "what the heck?" So I shot her a quick email asking where was her quote? And this was her response. lol

i cant remember any anymore! im turning into a missionary! lol
love you!

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