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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 14 04/26/2010

Subject: i dont know what to title this one :)
Ya ta hay family!! I hope everyones week was awesome! Im sure it was with craig and janaye’s wedding!! They look sooo cute! Im soo happy for them! You guys have been super busy the past couple weeks. Thank you for the package mom! I loved all the pictures! Grandma and grandpa look soo cute!! The boys look sooooo cute in their baseball uniforms!! And thank you for all the notes from everyone in there I loved them! And oh my gosh stephs pictures are insane…insanely HHHHHOT!!! (say it like van) and vita…phew…hose those two off!! Whats everyone else been up to?
Well as for me…last pday sister myers and I played baseball and basketball with the elders in our district and our zone leaders most of the day. We were soo sore the next day it was ridiculous. You really do get super out of shape on a mission. Lol. We’ve done a lot of service this past week. Wednesday we had bingo like usual and then we went and helped a less active/recent convert named crystal clean her house, after that we were supposed to have a lesson with some new investigators marcus and Rachel that we tracted into but Rachel wasn’t home so we didn’t stay long. After that we went to nikkis house for our lesson and ended up helping her clean her whole house because dhs was coming to inspect it the next day. Friday we did yard work at the rogers’ house with josh to help him make some money.
We haven’t had to many lessons this week. We’ve been meeting with josh and Kayla everyday to help them get the things done that they need to before their baptism which had been moved to the 21st now. Im not sure if ive told you anything about amy and Emily but they are two college girls that go to uni that we’ve been teaching for about 6 weeks. They love having us come and teach them but they just don’t understand why it matters what church they go to and don’t think that you need to be baptized. I don’t know how many different ways you can explain that..so if anyones got any ideas let me know. Lol. It was a very intense lesson this week. Amy kinda started yelling and just super upset when we talked about the great apostasy again and just does not believe that the priesthood could have been lost. she got super hysterical and I really don’t know how to handle being around someone like that other than to laugh and I had to try really hard not to do that. Its just so funny how stubborn people are and how they react to things. Especially when we’re tracting sister myers and I just laugh the whole time. We’ve got a part member family that we’re starting to teach. The mom is a less active member but starting to come back, the dad is not a member but very supportive and their 16 yr old daughter erin and 10 yr old son Dalton want to get baptized so im excited for that.
Sorry this ones kind of a shorty but I love you ALL as you know! Thank you so much for everything you all do for me!!! You’re all in my prayers and thank you for yours! Till next time! (speaking of which wont be till next Wednesday. Next week is transfers and sister myers will most likely be leaving me!!! L )
Forever and always
Sister C
Question of the day:
Why couldn’t king noahs people draw a straight line!?!
They had a crooked ruler!! haha

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