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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 15

Hi Everyone! Courtney was transfered today so if you are sending any letters please use the mission home address til we get a new one. So excited to get to talk to her Sunday. Hope everyone is happy and healthy.
Happy Mothers Day!
Mission home address: Sister Courtney Callaway
Iowa Des Moines Mission
8515 Douglas Ave. Ste 19
Urbandale, IA 50322

Wed, 5 May 2010

From: Courtney Lynn Callaway
Subject: :)
Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone had a good week!! craig and janayes wedding looked awesome. Janaye looked beautiful as always!! I love the pictures of steph and jess, they’re soo awesome!! And what the heck is up with those pictures of haley…stop it!! Lol. Thank you everyone for your emails!
Well this last week was pretty good. We’ve had 4 more investigators drop us this last week. We really have no investigators other than josh and Kayla right now. So sister myers and I did a decent amount of tracting but we did a lot of service this last week. So on Wednesday we went to the nursing home for bingo like usual but Wednesday night we went back there with the young women for mutual. I was talking to one of the guys that plays bingo with us every week (his names Harlan) when I was leaving I told him bye and he went to shake my hand, so I shook his hand and he pulled it closer to him and started making out with my forearm. It was the most awkward but funniest thing ever. Sister myers almost pee’d her pants or skirt whichever. Lol. We’ve done a pretty good amount of yard and house work for a couple members that really needed help with stuff the past couple days. what else…I almost got eaten by a huge dog the other day while we were tracting. That’s always exciting. Josh and Kayla are trying really hard right now to stop smoking and its really hard for them especially when their friends come over and smoke…so sister myers and I made a bunch of no smoking signs and put them up around their house. I made one that’s hanging on their front door that says: this is a no smoking zone violators will be harshly punished (a nice way of saying killed) by sister callaway. Josh loves that one!! lol
Lets see…what else…oh did I mention im getting transferred tomorrow!!!!!! Well I am. And I am soo sad!! I don’t want to leave cedar falls at all! I love it so much and im going to miss the people here like crazy!! Im going to miss josh and kaylas wedding and baptism which sucks sooo bad!! But I guess the lord wants me somewhere else now even though I want to stay. Ya gotta have the whole “I’ll go where you want me to go” attitude. And im excited for a new area no matter how much I wanna stay. Well sorry this ones kind of short. I need to go and say bye to some people and go pack. But I love you all!! You’re in my prayers. Have an awesome week!!
By the way Sunday I can call whenever I guess I just don’t know exactly since im getting transferred I don’t know whats planned for Sunday. But the evening would probably be better. Just be prepared!!
Forever and always
Sister C

Question of the day:
Why couldn’t the best locksmiths in zarahemla open kishkumens house?
because he had a “secret combination”. haha

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