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Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 18 05/24/2010

Subject: great state of iowa

Hello hello!! Sounds like everyone is doin fantastic!! Mom I got your package and I LOVE all the pictures! Steph,vita and jess were smokin!!! Trav and Brandon looked so handsome!! Blake looks soo good, soo happy and ive never seen bigger smiles on dennas faces before!! Brandons goin to chile!! That’s awesome! Im pretty sure that’s the same mission that rye is in right now. Give daddy a kiss for me and he’ll be all better. J
Well here in the great state of iowa lets see whats been goin on this week…… so we’ve been teaching george a lot this week. He has the craziest most energetic dog (stella) ever and shes so distracting when we’re trying to teach so Tuesday we decided to go to the dog park and teach him there so stella could run around and bug someone else. It was an awesome lesson, we taught the word of wisdom and we’ve gotten george from 5-8 cups of coffee a day down the 2 since Tuesday. he’s so funny, he loves us. I cant wait for you guys to meet him someday.
We had zone conference on Thursday and I loved it. I usually hate role playing and practice teaching cuz I get super nervous doing it in front of other people but sister shields and I did it and it was awesome! We got a ton of awesome training and conference this week. Saturday sister shields and I went to help with the primary activity that was about missionary work. It made me realize how much I miss my primary kids! My primary kids are way better behaved then the kids here though. There might be somethin in the corn out here. Lol.
So sister shields and I and a set of elders serve in the 4th ward and the university ward. Oh my gosh, every single person in the ward is in their 20’s, married and either pregnant or just had a baby….thats just mean to put missionaries in there Lol. Its pretty funny though.
So iowa city is pretty ghetto I’ve found out. We’ve had a couple of our investigator get arrested this week for having about 2 pounds of marijuana in their apartments or cars needless to say we dropped them. Lol. We’ve had a couple of our investigators drop us this week so we’ll be spending a lot of time finding new ones this week.
I’ve been reading and studying a lot more lately and I LOVE learning more about the gospel. I cant get enough of it. I did not want to go to sleep last night I just wanted to read. Im trying to get through jesus the Christ right now. In my blessing when I was set apart it told me to read it 3 times on my mission so that’s what im tryin to do. It might take me forever but im doin it.
Well that’s about it for this week. Thank you everyone for your prayers and you’re always in mine! I love you all!! Have a super duper awesome week!!!!
Till next time
Sister C

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