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Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 17 05/17/2010

Hello everyone!!! As usual I hope everyone had an awesome week!! the shop sounds like its comin along famously. im excited to hear where brandons going on his mission!!

Well sister shields and I hardly have anytime to sit and think except for when we’re driving from one appointment to the other. We’re soo busy all day everyday and I love it!! We have about 30 people that we are teaching right now and about 15 of those are progressing. Its awesome! We’ve been teaching so much this week. sister shields is such an amazing missionary. she’s such a good teacher and helps me so much with learning the doctrine so well so that I can teach it simply. We both feel like we’ve been with eachother so much longer than a week and a half. Lol. I love her!!!
We set a baptismal date with george this last week. He’s so smart and totally understands the things that we teach and wants it so bad. He loved church yesterday! And im soo excited for him. we’ve been meeting with this girl named sarah (shes 26) that is a member but she hasn’t been active since she was in high school. Her brother cory lives with her and is also a member but inactive and her husband brian is not a member and is in the army. They’re so awesome! Sarahs wanted to go back to church for awhile but was to nervous or something. So we finally got her and her little girl Aja (4) to come to church yesterday. After sacrament sarah was exhausted so she wanted to go home but aja wouldn’t let her and she said “mom, I have to go to Sunday school”. she’s never been to any church before but she was soo excited for primary and once she was in there she LOVED it. She wouldn’t let go of her book of mormon and sarah started crying because she said that’s all she wants is for brian to not be deployed to iraq, have their family together and be a part of the church. After church aja showed me her picture she drew that had a little girl and her daddy giving her a blessing!! Oh my gosh it was the cutest thing ever! That little girl is totally going to be what gets her dad into the church. She makes brian watch the movies about jesus that we give her with her. I cant wait!
There is soooooooooo much that goes on during the week that when it comes to emailing on Monday I cant write it all down. A mission is the best kept secret because there really is no way to describe the experiences that you have out here. Ive never been happier in my life than when im constantly going and going all day long doing the lords work. When I was talking to the fagerstens before I left cedar falls we were talking about at home I really do love my family and my friends with all my heart and out here I feel the same exact way but its different out here. Theres something that makes it soo easy to love…everyone! People that I meet and talk to for maybe 10 minutes and I walk away just completely loving that person and wanting so badly for them to let us teach them. And people that you might have never really given them a chance become some of your closest friends because of the connection and love you have with them because of the gospel. I cant explain it but its awesome!! oh yeah, so yesterday sister shields and i went tracting and met this guy named jason, super attractive (but that doesnt mean anything cuz im a missionary. lol) but we talked to him for a bit and he took a book of mormon and wasnt to interested but he had a randy couture shirt on so i told him i liked his shirt and he said he's been fighting mma for 8 years and then we ended up talking about ufc for 20 minutes and then he said we could come back!! sa-weet!!! flirt to convert right....thats the advice preston gave me at least. or i guess its talk about ufc to convert. lol. and he's moving to sacramento next summer to train at urijahs gym hopefully!!!! it was awesome!!!!!
Well I love you all and I hope you have an awesome week!! write me!!
I cant believe blakes going to be home tonight!! Have fun!!
Till next time!
Sister C

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  1. Wow, it sounds like Courtney is doing awesome! Thank you for posting these. I will definitely send her a letter this week :) -Steph Alston-