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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week 12 04/12/2010

">Courtney Lynn Callaway
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Hello hello!!! Hope everyone had an awesome week! I hope you guys got the package I sent you last week. Tell the alstons I say thank you for my easter package I loved it!! Sounds like trevs eagle project turned out really good. Way to go trev! Sounds like you guys are gonna have a super crazy busy week with everyone comin into town for the sealing! That’s crazy. I wish I could be there but as long as I get pictures I’ll be good. J oh my gosh Im so excited for connor. Guatamala …that’s awesome. And I cant believe jake is even old enough to go on a mission..thats crazy.
well as for me, this week was really good. We had zone conference on Tuesday which was awesome. Learned about becoming consecrated missionaries and being willing to sacrifice everything we have or had before we came out here to do the lords work. So we have the best zone leaders right now. Elder hall (from redding) and elder wray. This is elder halls last transfer. He’s very good at pep talks and has been helping me with trying to find confidence in myself to talk to everyone cuz I think im really bad at it when it comes to doing it to complete strangers walking down the street. But anyway, after zone conference sister myers, the elders and I went to dinner and when we were leaving there was a tornado siren going off and tornado warnings all over the radio. (it was approved, our mission presidents wife told us to listen to it so don’t worry. Lol) oh my gosh it was soo exciting. The tornado didn’t touch down apparently but it was exciting. Lol. The storms are soo crazy here and apparently I haven’t experienced the worst of them yet. But there was a hail storm that same say that put dents in our car, and broke peoples windshields. There was hail literally the size of golf balls. Ive never been in such drastic weather before. Its awesome. I would never live in it but its pretty awesome. And the sky…oh my gosh I swear the sky is bigger here its amazing. I’ll send you pictures later.
Anyway, we’ve been teaching this lady named nikki and her daughter sarah who’s 10 yrs old. Sarah is really interested in being baptized and im pretty sure once she does her mom will too. She’s such a smart little girl and wants her family to change and be better and realizes that through the gospel that can happen. Thursday we had our lesson with tyler like usual. That was the most draining lesson we’ve had so far. Granted I haven’t been out that long and im sure there will be more lie that but it was an awesome lesson. Tyler hasn’t prayed since he was 14, doesn’t think that god loves him and didn’t think he and his family could ever be really happy. Well we explained to him that heavenly father does love him, he loves ALL of us and that through the gospel of jesus Christ we can be happy and our families can be happy and be together forever. And anytime I start talking about my family and about how my mom, Dad and my sisters are my best friends I start to cry (im starting to right now what the heck lol) the rest of my family too..dont worry.i have LOTS of family even if its not biologically you’re all my family. Everyone that reads this email I consider family. And I love you all! And that hit tyler I guess. And then sister myers started crying and then tyler started crying so needless to say we were all a bunch of cry babies during that lesson. Lol but it was awesome and we got tyler to say the closing prayer at the end of our lesson.
we had stake conference yesterday and if you remember bishop keith mcmullin that spoke in general conference he spoke and it was awesome. I honestly had no idea who he was at first but thats beside the point. lol. Theres such a strong spirit when you’re in the same room as him. After the normal stake conference meeting we had a separate meeting for the recent converts and investigators and all of us missionaries that came with them, so there weren’t a ton of people there. Afterwards we were walking out and he shook my hand and put his arm around me and told me I have “an amazing smile” you know how much I love that compliment. Lol. (tell dr. Talbot I say thank you for that by the way. Lol) but I talked to him for a couple minutes after that. And he told me to keep goin and keep smiling because it was going to open a lot of doors for me. That was awesome. To me it was totally something I needed to hear cuz I honestly have been getting alittle homesick the past week and a half. I wasn’t gonna quite and go home or anything but It was just something that was really nice to hear from someone that I didn’t even know.
Well that’s about it for me this week. i hope everyone as a super fan freakin tastic week and will hear from you next week. till we meet again!! Love you ALL!!!!
Love always
Sister C

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