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Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 58 02/28/2011

 oh happy day!

Hello from iowa!! How was everyones week? I hope it was awesome! I just read trevs email. What a stud of a missionary! Im so excited for him! I realized that my new comp and trev were in the mtc at the same time so I showed her a picture of him and she said she saw him a couple times. And congratulations to brian and tracy! Kate is adorable! Hey and happy birthday Ryan!! I love you! Have a good bday. Be good! J Thank you again for all the birthday wishes last week everyone!

Well im still here in Maquoketa! And Im with sister Whitaker now and I love her! Shes awesome! Thursday morning we went to iowa city for the transfer meeting. We had a meeting with president jergensen before that for everyone that is training. So during the actual transfer meeting all the new missionaries sit in the front row of the chapel and I saw sister Whitaker and knew “that’s my girl”. When president called out who was with who and we both stood up he was like holy cow you look like sisters! Well, we are sisters but you know what I mean. We get along soo well, im just so excited to serve with her. Everything in this area is gonna get so much better this transfer I can just feel it! We’re gonna work our butts off this transfer, figuratively and literally, we’re workin out like crazy in the mornings. Gotta work off that winter coat! Lol.

Well we’ve still been doin our usually lots of service around town. Went to the food pantry on Friday and helped out at the museum on Saturday. We had a lesson with john last week which was pretty sweet. We just talked about a lot of the questions that he has. We talked about the book of mormon a lot. He went to Nevada 2 weeks ago to see his fiancé and texted us before he left and said he had his book of mormon and was gonna read it on the plane. So when he got back he said he read some of it but felt like he was goin cross-eyed while reading and said he was talking to his fiancés brother about it and the brother told john that they have audio versions of the book of mormon. So john said he was goin to go get an mp3 player just so he could download the book of mormon on it. Seriously? Who does that? John simons that’s who!! He’s so freakin awesome!!! We going to be meeting with him on Wednesday so im excited for that. We also had a lesson with tosha on Saturday. She had a lot of questions about stuff she’s been reading in the book of mormon so we went over a lot of those. She has been praying a lot more now and she says she asks god questions and then she feels really good after that but doesn’t think shes getting answers to her prayers. So we want to try and help her recognize the answers that she is getting. We have stake conference this Sunday so we had fast Sunday yesterday and it was a really good testimony meeting. The spirit is definitely always there! I think that’s about it for us this week though. We’re workin on finding lots of new people to teach this week. I’ll let you know how it goes next week. I love you all so much! Have an awesome week!!!

Till next time

Sister C

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