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Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 55 02/07/2011

Subject: brr...its cold out here.....

Hello hello!! How was everyones week? How was the super bowl? We definitely didn’t go tracting during that, that’s kinda like a tracting during a hawkeyes game…you don’t do it. You’ll get shot! I hope everyone had fun!

The week was pretty slow once again but good here in Maquoketa. Lets see…what happened last week? Monday night we were on our way home from our dinner appointment and to save miles on our car we decided to take this random off ramp that’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere (but then again everything in iowa is pretty much in the middle of nowhere). It was starting to snow and we were supposed to get a really bad storm later that night or the next day. When we got off we saw some hazard lights on a car up the road and went to see if we could help at all. There were 2 college guys from Chicago that decided to skip class and go on a mini road trip and ran out of gas and had been sitting there for a couple hours. So we told them that there was a town up the road and we could go get some gas and bring it back. So we asked them if they had any money and all they had was a dollar so we just took care of it. They definitely weren’t boy scouts cuz they were not prepared at all. Im not a boy scout either “but I ate a brownie once”! (that’s just for you sisters. lol) so we got them some gas and then had them follow us back to the gas station after so they could fill up. I love finding random acts of service especially when its someone that really needs it. Then there was Tuesday, our cars were grounded because it started snowing a lot and there was supposed to be a blizzard startin up later that day so we decided to walk to grandma and grandpa frandsens. Its started snowin pretty good and it was just pelting us in the face on our way there and then when we were about 2 minutes from there house we got a text message saying that we were grounded and we had to stay inside.so we got to the frandsens house and saw them for a while but we still needed to get home eventually and the frandsens didn’t have a car. So we started walking home and by that time it was a blizzard! Yes that right, I walked home in a blizzard..in a skirt! How many people can say that!? Well we actually didn’t walk all the way home, it was pretty far so sister pawlowski came and picked us up about half way and took us home. My hair was frozen, my face, everything! So we ended up being “grounded” for the rest of the night and the blizzard got sooo bad! It was crazy! I thought the windows in our apartment were going to shatter. So we were grounded that night and the entire next day. You couldn’t really go anywhere in town the roads weren’t plowed, snow piled up on the outside of our apartment doors. So I had lots of time to study!! I loved it! It was pretty exciting! Other than that we haven’t been teaching very much. We don’t have anyone to teach really. We do have a new investigator john but we haven’t gotten to meet with him this last week because he’s been busy with work. But he called the bishop I another area and said he wanted to meet with the missionaries. He is engaged to a girl that lives in Nevada that is a less active member. He is really interested in learning about the gospel and being able to be the one to bless his kids when he and his soon to be wife start having kids together. Everything he says is just “golden”! he’s awesome! We are going to be meeting with him tomorrow though. We’ve been doing a lot of service as usual. On Saturday we went and shoveled the snow in the frandsens yard. Sister frisby worked on the walk way up to their front door and I worked on the sheets of ice on their driveway. Oh my gosh, I was soo sore the next day, my arms are still sore actually. Just shows how out of shape I am. Lol. Yesterday we had an awesome testimony meeting at church. The spirit was super strong! Most of the young women in our branch got up and bore their testimony. One of my favorite, sara talked a lot about how much heavenly father is always there to help each one of us. and about how shes been standing up for what she believes when people make fun of it at school. I was so proud of her! I love her shes awesome! That’s one thing that ive really learned and started to realize more and more out here is that heavenly father will never let something happen to us that we cant handle but he’s also always right there to help us with it. But we also have the ability to choose how we want to handle each situation. I love this gospel soo much! I love all the time I have to study and to learn more about it and to share that with other people either by sitting down and teaching them or by being an example. I love missionary work and I don’t ever want to stop doing it! And I love you all soo much! thank you so much for all of your love and support! I hope you have an awesome awesome week!!!!

Till next time

Sister C

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