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Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 56 02/14/2011

Subject: hello hello

Happy valentines day everyone! How was everyones week? Sounds like you guys had fun snowmobiling this weekend.

Its startin to warm up alittle bit. yesterday felt like california weather it was aweosme! This week was extremely slow in our area. Our area is pretty much dead right now when it comes to teaching except for our one investigator john that I told you about last week. We had an awesome lesson with him on Tuesday. We were planning on talking with him about the restoration because we didn’t finish it last time but we ended up talking about baptism, temples, eternal marriage and all this other stuff. That guy has tons of questions and he’s super comfortable with us and loves learning about the gospel. He was never raised in any church and so he apologizes and says all his questions are out of ignorance because he was never taught about god when he was growing up. But he thanked us for making him feel so comfortable. And he’s soo funny, I just love him! This has been a really hard area to find people to teach and apparently its been like that for most of the missionaries that have been here. Since ive tracted all of Maquoketa, all of de witt, all of Delmar and most of the little towns that are in the middle of nowhere of our area. People are starting to recognize me when we tract since ive been here for 6 months. Needless to say we’re still trying to come up with other ways to find people to teach without irritating people by knocking on their door for the 4th time. Lol. So we’ve been going to some of the town activities to be able to talk to people in a non-intimidating way I guess and we actually get a good amount of people that ask us questions we just need to find people that want us to teach them now. We really want to get the members to start inviting more of their friends to church activities and to learn about the gospel. That way the people that are learning already have friends and people that they know in the church to help them feel more comfortable. On Friday we got to go to iowa city and do exchanges with the sisters there. It was so nice! I love working in iowa city! Its so different compared to Maquoketa. It’s a completely different atmosphere, I miss it so bad! I got to see one of the less active families that I was working with when I was there and we had an amazing lesson with them. The spirit was soo strong! That was the strongest Ive felt the spirit on my mission during a lesson. It was awesome! That was about it for our week though. It was slow but there were some really good days.

I love you all! Have an awesome week!! Thank you for everyones emails and letters I love them!

Till next time

Sister C

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