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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week 57 02/23/2011

 thank you thank you!!

Hello hello!!!! How was everyones week!? Thank you sooo much for all the birthday wishes! You’re all awesome and I love you!

I don’t have much time cuz sister frisby has to pack today. Well lets see, this transfer has gone by so fast holy cow! Sister frisby is going home on Friday and I am going to be staying here in Maquoketa for another 3 months and im going to be getting a brand new greenie tomorrow! Whoo hoo! I get to torture someone new, just kidding but im excited have the chance to train again. I have a feeling its gonna be a really good transfer and this area is going to start picking up a lot more.

So this last week we starting teaching this awesome girl tosha again. Sister felix and I started teaching her but she has 3 little kids, going through a divorce the dad wont pay child support so she had to start working a lot more and got really bust so we haven’t seen her since the day sister frisby got here. Last Thursday she called us and asked if we could come over so we went over later that day. She said that she feels so good whenever we come over and talk and read from the book of mormon with her. Ive been here for 6 months so far and its been a really hard area and ive been trying to figure out why Im in this area cuz I honestly haven’t felt like ive really done anything here. Its been hard but while we were sitting there with tosha she got up and left the room for a minute and I felt like she was the reason im here and then sister frisby looked at me and said she’s totally getting baptized and then tosha walked back in the room and said “you know, I think god still has you here for me”. Im so lucky that ive been able to teach all the people I have and I love them all. And that’s the reason I am here is to take care of my brothers and sisters and share the gospel with as many as I can and to help them come closer to our heavenly father and jesus Christ. Im so excited to start teaching tosha more and more. I love her! We’re meeting with john tonight and hopefully setting a date for his baptism with him. He continues to be beyond awesome!!! The onkens took us to dinner on Monday night for my birthday and sister frisby going home and then the pawlowski’s took us to dinner last night for my birthday. I LOVE those families! Their amazing! We I need to get goin so sister frisby can finish packing but I will email on Monday!

I LOVE you ALL!!! Thank you thank you for everything!! Have an awesome week!!

Till next time

Sister C

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