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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Week 59 03/07/2011

Happy Monday everyone!! It’s a beautiful day today with somewhat cloudy skies and a chance of snow later on in the day but that’s alrightcuz I love Iowa!!! That makes me sound like a weather forecaster but that’s what I was goin for I guess, I'm just in a super good mood today! Thank you soo much for my bday package that I got from steph!

This last week was pretty good. Sister Whitaker and I have been trying to meet with a lot of people that have been previously taught in this area by other missionaries trying to meet with people that have told us to come back another time after tracting into them. We’ve also been trying to do a lot of visits with the members and trying to get them more involved in missionary work and letting them know how important they are when it comes to finding people to teach. Its so much easier for someone to be taught when they already have friends that go to the church. It makes it alittle more comfortable for them instead of having to meet ALL new people. We had a pretty good lesson with tosha on Tuesday and right now shes been trying to get work off on Sundays so she can come to church but she said that every time she asks her boss just laughs at her. We haven’t seen john in about 2 weeks. Both ours and johns schedule keep conflicting the last 2 weeks. This last Wednesday sister jergensen came out and spent part of the day with us. We went to dinner with her and our old investigator ted. Ted has been sick a lot lately and goin to the doctors and stuff and on Wednesday he said that he got the results back from some of the test and said that he has colon cancer. I never know what to do in those situations so I just sat there and listened to him while he talked for about 45 minutes. I think he’s pretty much made up his mind that he’s gonna die but maybe he’ll be more open to actually learning about the gospel now who knows. So we had our district meeting the next day in davenport while president and sister jergensen were still in town. It was a very long day! But it was an awesome district meeting! I love just being around president and sister jergensen! They are two of the most amazing people I've ever met! Friday we got to work at the food pantry like always but we actually got to help in with the part where they actually hand out the food. We usually help serve hot chocolate in the kitchen while they wait. It was really cool cuz a lot of the workers were asking us questions about or church and what we do. We’ve had a lot of people asking us about the basketball player from byu and I'm like I have no idea whats going on I don’t watch tv! Lol. Well yesterday we had stake conference that was actually broadcasted from Salt Lake and we had President Eyring, Elder Cook and Mary N. Cook speak which was really cool. The presidency and the apostles keep talking about food storage and being out of debt over and over. It is soo important to follow their counsel. It was a really cool stake conference. This week we are “banned” from tracting. Our whole mission is not allowed to go tracting this week so that we will focus on finding people to teach through other ways. Hallelujah! Lol. It’ll be a good week! Well I LOVE LOVE LOVE you ALL!!! And I hope you have an awesome week! Be good! Good luck with everything you do! Thank you for everything!! You’re in my prayers! mom tell everyone in the ward that i love them all and thank you for all the letters I've gotten from all of them and they're awesome!!! especially my primary kids! sanks!

Till next time

Sister C

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