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Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 61 03/21/2011

spring has sprung!!

Hello family!!!!how is everyone today? super I hope! Spring has sprung..it has here at least. I hear you guys might float away out there. The weather has been sooo nice out here though! Oh my gosh, it completely changes everything when the snow is gone…I love it!!

Other than awesome weather it hasn’t been a very eventful week for us. We walked around town a lot, enjoyed said awesome weather and talked to a lot of people. Its funny how everyone comes out of hibernation once the sun is actually out and it gets above 30 degrees. Lol. So we actually got to talk to a lot of people by just walking around town and doing our usual service. I seriously love working at the food pantry so much. The people that help out there are so fun and we talk about the church all the time, they ask lots of questions…its great. Now we just need to get them to let us teach them but that will come eventually. I love this area! Its been so hard but I love it at the same time. We’ve been having some of the members asking us to come and meet some of their friends and people that they work with a lot more so that awesome and im super excited about it. There’s just amazing people here. On Wednesday night we went to a little presentation I guess you could call it that the community of Christ (or the re-organized church) had about the book of mormon. I thought it would be pretty interesting to go to, I was kinda nervous when we were walkin in at first. It was pretty interesting, theres definitely things that are different and that have been changed but we’re going to be going back this Wednesday. But the people there were soo nice and welcoming! Other than that we just had a whole week of trying to find people to teach. I feel bad, Sister Whitaker is brand new out here and we haven’t really had very many opportunities to teach investigators yet but that will change pretty soon if she and I have anything to do with it. J and god cuz he’s the one in charge. Yesterday we got the chance to go to the Onkens for dinner with their family and some of the family is less active and so we got to get to know them a bit which was really nice so hopefully they will let us meet with them sometime. I told Brother Onken that I need to had dad reimburse them cuz they feed me so much its like I live there same goes for the Cheneys. Lol. They’re amazing! Well, I’ll just leave with this; like I said this has been a pretty hard area for me and Ive been here for 7 months now and feel like I haven’t done whatever it is that im supposed to do here, not good enough but what else is new for me to feel that way. But ive also been reading and studying a lot and I know that that is what satan wants me to feel like. He got the 3 D’s that he uses as his biggest tools: distract, discourage and disqualify. Satan knows our weaknesses and if he can get us to do any of those he’s getting what he wants and it works sometimes. But Heavenly Father also knows our weaknesses and is ALWAYS there to help us no matter what to turn those weaknesses into strengths. (ether 12:27) and when I was reading I found a scripture that I liked, 2 nephi 7:8. And I wrote “bring it on satan” next to it in my scriptures! He’s always going to keep trying to ruin and bring us down but we can't let him. Helaman 5:12! we have to remember like it says in the song "come come ye saints" that "God will NEVER us forsake!! he'll never leave us hangin by ourselves. I love you all so much! You’re always in my prayers! Have an awesome week!!

Till next time

Sister C

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