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Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 60 03/14/2011

Subject: TGIM (thank goodness it monday)

Hello hello everyone! Sounds like you’re gonna have a pretty busy week! Have fun in Arizona this week dad! Should be awesome!! Welcome chloe wooden!!! That’s exciting!!! What else is goin on this week!? Everyones talkin about this big tsunami…I hope you all don’t get blown away! Good thing im in iowa! Lol.

I don’t even know where this last week went! I feel like every week goes by faster than the week before. I think it’s a mixture of the weather starting to get nicer and sister Whitaker and I trying to keep ourselves busier. So last Monday on pday we went to this exotic pet store in town that everyones been tellin us about and they have the most random animals and reptiles in there. Skunks, sugar gliders (they’re like flying squirrels), giant snakes and lizards and stuff. So we were looking at this giant lizard and there was a mouse in the cage and it was walking straight to it death towards the sleeping lizard and then it ate it. But then the owner told us to come watch this other lizard cuz he was more exciting to wathc than that one. So he went and got a mouse and dropped in in this things cage and cornered it and apparently these lizards don’t have teeth so they just inhale their food. So he grabbed this mouse and then climbed into his water bowl and just thrashed it around until he drowned it and then ate it. Sister Whitaker was kinda freakin out through the whole thing, she gets grossed out real easy. And I just couldn’t look away. It was sad but you just cant look away for some reason. Circle of life right. Lol that was our adventure for the week. Haha

Anyways…Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we spent going around and trying to meet with previous investigators and trying to find new ones. Thursday we had zone conference which was awesome!! I learned so much! Honestly Maquoketa has been a really hard area and ive been here for 6 months now and when it comes to teaching and helping them work towards baptism we haven’t had very much success. I want so badly to be able to teach everyone all the time in this area. There are amazing people here and I know like half of the town (im probably exaggerating but its not a very big town so who knows. Lol). I love the people here. They are soo nice and love talking to us but they’re not necessarily interested in learning about the gospel which makes it really hard but I left zone conference knowing that our area is going to change! Hopefully sooner than later. Its like eating an elephant….one bite at a time! That’s how our assistants explained it to us and its true. We’re not going to completely change everything about our area or the people in it overnight but a little at a time it will change if we make those little steps 1st and then just keep on stepping . We have to have faith, a positive attitude and follow the spirit in order to make things change around here. I absolutely love the members in our branch! They’re awesome! Brother Onken had one of his friends from work come to church yesterday and we’re hopefully going to meet with him at the Onkens house sometime soon to teach him. He’s really confused about religion in general and said he has lots of questions. The onkens son jake just got home from his mission on Thursday and spoke in church yesterday and talked about how we can be angels in other people lives! It was an awesome talk! He had a lot of really cool experiences that he shared about people that he had met and they ended up getting baptized because he followed the spirit and was in the right place at the right time because god led him there for that person. During zone conference president jergensen promised us that if we started working with the members more then we would have more success in our areas and that is exactly what we’re going to be doing a lot more of! It’s a promise from someone that was called by god and has the authority to preside over our mission that means its gonna happen! And I cant wait!! I love being a missionary so much! As much as I love you all and miss you theres nowhere else id rather be right now than here! Jesus is the Christ! He lives! And this is his work and I have the opportunity to be a part of it full time for a year and a half and then I get to go home and be a member missionary for the rest of my life…awesome!!!! I love you all! Have an awesome week!

Ames-good luck at your meet! To much rock for one hand baby!!

Hay-same goes for you with softball and volleyball this week!!

Till next time

Sister C

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