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Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 62 03/28/2011

Subject: happy monday!

Hello hello everyone!! Im SO excited for travy!! Brazil…that is awesome!! Theres so many people going to brazil right now, that I hear of atleast. You guys sick of the rain yet? I cant believe its been raining that much. Crazy!

Well this week was full of good stuff. Sister Whitaker and I are workin hard to find people to teach. Our members are awesome and trying to find people to invite to church and to be taught by us. We’ve been starting to work with the members a lot more like we’ve been wanting. Brother onken (matt) in our branch has a brother (mark) that is in the Dubuque ward but he works here in Maquoketa. So last Tuesday we were supposed to meet mark at his work because he wants to introduce us to some people that work for him. So as we were leaving our apartment to go meet him i accidently left the car and apartment keys in our apartment and we got locked out. So we spent the next 45 minutes trying to figure out how to get in. I tried putting a ladder on top of the dumpster to get to our window, the window was still to high. I was about to break the door down but then we called our branch mission leader, mitch and he came and broke in for us. So we were a little late for lunch but we made it eventually. The onkens are just awesome! They feed us all the time and they are soo good at sharing the gospel with their friends and people they work with. Well we’ve been meeting with tosha and last Wednesday we were over at her house and we were talking with her about the atonement a lot which was really good and when we were getting ready to leave her sister got there and starting asking us a lot of questions so we ended up teaching her a short version of the restoration and she said she really wants to come to church with us on Sunday. She’s awesome! And we’re gonna be meeting with her and tosha both later tonight. Its gonna be awesome!! We had interviews with president and sister jergensen on Friday. I always love those! President said im definitely staying here in Maquoketa with sister Whitaker next transfer. That’ll make it 9 months in Maquoketa by the end and then I’ll get transferred somewhere else for my last 6 weeks. Weird! We got to go to iowa city Friday night and spent the day there on Saturday and did exchanges with the sisters there. One of the boys that I taught while I was there was finally getting baptized on Saturday so I got to be there for it! I was so excited and he and his family had no idea that I was going to be there but they really wanted me to be so I surprised them! Oh my gosh I was soo happy! Its just the best feeling ever to be there at someones baptism and seeing them make those steps and changes! And to see how happy it makes them!! The spirit was strong as always at someones baptism! Its awesome!! That was about it for our week though. Where did it go…I have no idea. I am soo excited for conference this weekend though! Lets see what they’ve got to say this time! I hope you all enjoy it and stay awake! Lol. I love you all! Have an awesome week!!! Travy im so proud of you!! And presty im so excited for you too!!

Till next time, (next Wednesday)

Sister C

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