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Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 28 8/02/2010

hugs for everyone!!!!

hello family!! i hope everyone had a pretty good week. summer's comin to an end....weird! when does everyone start school again? happy day of birth tomorrow haley!!!!! make it awesome!!! and give yourself a hug for me!
welp i killed sister shields on thursday. she left that morning and sister spencer and i worked in my area for the day until that afternoon. we went to the transfer point and the transfer van ended up running late so we waited there with all the other missionaries for about an hour and a half. while we were there i ended up seeing my friend garrett from school that served here and came back to visit. that was really cool. i picked up my new companion sister graham after that we ended up running a bunch of errands to help get everyone settled in. transfers always makes the week feel all mixed up. we taught shay and her kids a couple times this week. on saturday we taught them about faith and planted flowers with them and explained that we need to constantly strengthen it, take care of it and help it grow. it was a really good lesson. we were running low on our contacts this week so we did a good amount of tracting on saturday and sunday. we were given the goal of getting atleast 80 contacts a week which doesnt seem like it would be that hard to talk to 80 people in a week but when you are constantly having back to back appointments with investigators, doing follow ups and working with members all day and you get to the end of the day and you've only talked to 5 people non members or investigators it gets hard. but sister shields and i have seen that being obedient to even the little things that dont seem very important bless us so much and bless the people that we work with. if we're not obedient to those small things the bigger things are going to get harder to follow. we needed to get 40 contacts yesterday in order to reach our 80 and we were so busy yesterday but i knew we had to find time to go tracting and i new that 80 contacts is what heavenly father wanted us to get so he was gonna make it possible...we got 41 contacts on one street. god is good to us!!! i love him! church was awesome yesterday. we had 4 of our investigators come and 3 less active families come. there's this one family in our ward, the clarks. oh my gosh, they're soo awesome!! the dad eric actually reminds me of uncle ray alot. he's so cool! he let me run a ton of tree branches through the wood chipper @ their house the other day. for some reason it was really exciting!! lol. his wife johanna is on a roller derby team and she rides a harley! she's so awesome!!! other than the fact that i love it here i cant really think of anything else to tell you. :) except i love being a missionary! gretchen was confirmed yesterday..that was awesome as well. she's soo happy and doesnt care that her family is mad at her cuz she knows she made the decision that god wanted her to make.

im sorry about uncle del. i love you all so much!!! and you're all in my prayers family and friends!! have an awesome week!! Love life!!!!!

till next time

Sister C

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