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Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 29 8/09/2010

Happy Day!

Hello hello everyone!!! Sounds like everyone had a pretty good week with volleyball camp, sunsplash and grillouts (bbq) im not allowed to call it a bbq out here. Lol im glad uncle walt and mike get to come out and visit you guys. That’ll be good for him and im sure it will be fun. I want pictures for sure. Oh man I wish I could’ve been there for brother Beausoleils talk yesterday. Wade told me a little bit about it too. Im sure it was awesome! He is setting such a good example for his boys. That whole family is amazing I love them. And happy birthday this week to cody and carson!!! Im sure dad had a good time at the camp out with all boys for once. Lol.

Well this week in iowa I have no idea where the week went. Went by so fast. All the missions are starting to do a new training program. So this week all of the zone leaders, district leaders and and trainers went to des moines for a 3 day training seminar. So since I am none of those sister graham and I got to be in a tri for a couple days with a sister that just came out. Sister zmolek. She’s sos cool. It was different but fun being in a tri. We did a good amount of service this week at the elzingas in our ward. I love that family! I feel like im at home when im with them and the Flynn family. Lesia Flynn is like my own personal Amanda bynes. She’s soo funny. She’s a convert and has been in and out of being active for about 10 years but she is fully active and she’s amazing!! You would love her!!!

We’re still teaching shay and her girls destiny and jazzmine and her little nieces kk and kemha. Oh my gosh they are the cutest little black girls. Everytime we see them all 4 of them just run over and hug me and try to sit on my lap and its torture!!! Oh my gosh, I wanna hold kemha sooooo bad but im trying to follow even the little rules and that one tortures me. Lol.

So on Saturday night sister graham and I went to a narcotics anonymous meeting at an institution with one of our investigators and our convert anna is the one the runs those meetings. I LOVED it!!! I was kind of a random thing but anna really liked having us there. Sister graham thought she was gonna get beat up or something but I told her…you know what, uncle paul showed me how to choke anyone out so don’t even worry. Lol. We definitely did not “fit in”, two little white girls in skirts with names tags on sittin next to 35 people with tats up and down their arms and piercing all over the place. Lol. Anyway, I really felt that by us being there is going to give anna a really good opportunity to introduce some of the people there to the gospel. There were a couple guys that came and talked to us afterward. Oh my gosh we left that place and I was soo happy and I really feel like im supposed to do something to help them when I get home. Be a counselor or something. I don’t know why but I love it!! Heavenly father wanted us there for a reason.

I love you all!!! Have a super duper awesome week!!!

Till next time

Sister C

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