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Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 32 8/31/2010

Subject: happy monday!!!

Hello everyone!! I don’t have very much time today, the library is packed so ive only got 30 minutes on the computer. First off thank you to the jarvis’ and the zufelts for the letters I got this week! You guys are awesome! And thank you dad for the lake powell shirt..i love it!! And for the pictures mom!! Sounds like everyones doin awesome!!

This week in a nut shell was really good. We did a lot of tracting considering we only have about 4 investigators. We meet a lot of really cool people that we’re gonna make sure to go and visit this week. Sister jergensen came to an appointment we had with leslie and anna on Tuesday. That was awesome! I wish sister jergensen could come out with us all the time. Really the whole week wasn’t to exciting, just normal but it was good, leading up to the weekend which was awesome! So about 2 weeks ago sister graham and I tracted into this guy named jerry that turns out to be a member. He got baptized into our ward 15 years ago and then moved to florida and just moved back and he said he wanted to start coming back to church actually. He didn’t come last week though. But then we were tracting on Saturday on this random street that is on the other side of town from where he lives and we ran into him on the street with his son.

Yesterday I was standing outside the chapel saying hi to everyone as they were walking in and in my head I just asked heavenly father to do whatever he needed to to get jerry at church and I swear maybe a minute later jerry and his son gavin walked into the chapel. God is so cool! Jerry is so cool! And then after church was over I met this guy named frank that just moved here from Chicago and was taking the lessons while he was there and just showed up to our ward. He’s around our age and loves coming to our church. He said he feels the spirit in our church more than he has at any other church he’s gone to and really wants to keep learning!! Im soo excited! And ricky wants to get baptized and sister graham and I taught sharing time yesterday and taught about miracles . and I talked about our family and about grandma and grandpa being sealed in the temple. It was an awesome day! Have you ever been so happy and excited on the inside that you feel like you’re gonna burst…that was me yesterday. All you can really do is smile!!! Its awesome and I love it! Ive never been happier in my life than I have been the last 7 months!

I love you all and Im soo thankful and happy that you are all a part of my life!! Thank you!!!! Have an awesome week!!! Do your duties with a heart full of song!!!

Till next time (which will be next Wednesday….transfers!!)

Sister C

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