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Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 31 08/23/2010

Last friday Courtney hit her 7 month mark! I can't believe she's almost half way! I had some people asking me if she has been affected by recent flooding so I asked my "source" and he said it hasn't affected their area. So here is this weeks letter:

.From: Courtney Lynn Callaway

Subject: hello mr sunshine!

To: macfamilyfarm@surewest.net

Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope everyone has an awesome day!! Sounds like it was an exciting weekend. Lots of weddings and homecoming talks. Everyones starting school…woohoo!!!! I cant believe amy’s in high school..barf! thank you everyone for all the letters I get from you. I got some from some of the young women from girls camp, from lily and just from family and friends that I love and I appreciate them all!! I know im really bad at writing especially out here but ive got letters on the way to as many as I can. Josh and ally I love you, im sorry I haven’t written but im getting on it! And taylor cole and ashlynn too. I did meet wade and beckys niece Erica and her husband Andrew at church yesterday. The mormon world really is pretty small I guess. They seem awesome!!

Well this week was really slow and not the best week. It was pretty stressful. Our investigators are droppin like its hot. Lol. I mean like flies. And we haven’t had much luck finding any new ones.we are working with grethchens friend ricky though. He’s awesome and wants to be baptized so we’re gonna be working with him a lot more this week. We’ve been doing a lot of work with the less actives and the part member families in our ward this week. We finally saw sara for the first time in a couple weeks. Lots of work with the members doing service this week. I LOVE this ward!i love it I love it I love it!! The people are amazing! I wish I could stay here the rest of my mission!!! Sister elzinga reminds me of you mom. Everything about her! She’s awesome!!

Tomorrow our mission presidents wife sister jergensen is going to be spending the day with sister graham and i. so that will be pretty awesome! So I bought this little notebook last week and carry it around with me everywhere and started writing down everything that im grateful for, anything that pops into my head and wow im startin to fill it up pretty fast and I love being able to think about those things. Everything that heavenly father has given me or done for my family and friends and for the people here in iowa. Sister call gave us a gratitude journal in young womens a long time ago and I really wanted to do that again.

Sorry this ones kind of short but ive gotta skedaddle!! I love you all and thank you for everything!! And mom I will send you my memory card tomorrow!! Love you!! Have an awesome awesome week!!

Till next time

Sister C

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