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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Subject: happy happy day!!

Hello loved ones!! I hope everyones having an awesome day so far! Everyday should be awesome actually!!! Thank you for the package mommy! I love my little Frankenstein and mummy bobble heads! And the sweet business cards! Lol.

Well this computers gonna kick me off so lets see what I can tell you guys before it does… this last week was the best we’ve had in this area when it comes to teaching. We had a lot more lessons which was awesome! The members have been getting a lot more involved. We had dinner at the pawlowski’s (awesome family) on Monday and brother pawlowski had one of his friends that he works with (steve) come over and after dinner steve started asking questions about the plan of salvation so we taught him all about it. Hopefully we can keep teaching him! We had mutual with the young men and women and gave them a church tour where we teach them the restoration as we go through the church building. It was awesome! A couple of them brought some non member friends. It’s a really good way to help people feel the spirit in the church before even coming to church on a Sunday. We’ve gotten to teach some people that we’re given to us as referrals from some of the members. Lets see…joanie dropped us! Told us she doesn’t want us to come back, no idea what happened there.

Saturday we got to help at the fall festival for the elementary school here in town. That was pretty fun! Made me miss the good ole franklin school fall festival! Lol. It was really good, we ended up tracting into a couple families that we had met at the festival so that was cool. So I just have to tell you about one of the coolest families I’ve met (don’t worry pres. Gelder or sarah elzinga you guys are up there. My list is pretty long actually! Lol)their in our branch, the Cheneys are so awesome! They’ve got 8 awesome kids! They are our family here! They’re really hard to describe I just realized you just have to meet them! One of their girls, savannah looks just like haley though. Its weird. Then there’s kara and woody but this computers gonna kick me off so I’ll tell you about them next time.

I love you all soooooo much!! Have an awesome week! And everyone should go get a slurpee cuz I really want one right now!! John I am SOOOO excited for you!! Ya Jamaica mon!!!!

Till next time!!

Sister C

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