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Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 38 10/11/2010

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2010

From: Courtney Lynn Callaway

Subject: XxOo

To: macfamilyfarm@surewest.net

Hello hello everyone!!!! Sounds like everyone had a pretty good week!!! Trev im soo excited for you!!!! Bein so close to lake powell that’s crazy! Tell scott meteer that I said congratulations!! What the heck, first everyone’s getting married while im gone and now everyone’s having babies…..well I guess that’s the way its supposed to work! Congratulations everyone!!!!

Well lets see, this week we were only in our area on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday which we spent that time tracting as usual. Tuesday night we went to go see joanie but she wasn’t home so we started to drive away when we saw this guy crawling across the road on his hands and knees. He’d crawl a couple steps and then rest his head on the ground and the keep going and then do it again. So sister felix and I got out of the car and joanies neighbor sherry was there and said that he was drunk and lived across the road. So sherry and I went to help him get up and take him to his house. so once we got him up I had to catch him cuz he couldn’t stand up at all. He was soo wasted! So we had his arm around mine and sherry’s shoulders and got him to his house and I smelt like alcohol and pee after that! That’s right, he was so drunk he peed on himself!! Gotta love iowa!!!!!

Wednesday morning sister felix and I drove to iowa city and go to des moines and cedar falls from there. So when I was getting my stuff out of the car guess who came to the stake center to surprise me…anna!!!! We both kinda freaked out!! Oh my gosh, she made me day, week, month all of the above! so from there sister felix went with sister whitbeck to cedar falls and I went to des moines with a van full of elders! It takes about 2 hours to get from iowa city to des moines and that’s about as close as we get to a road trip so its usually pretty exciting for us. Lol. So once we got to des moines we met at the stake center where we had our training Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and it was awesome!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I cant explain how much I loved it! I love being around president and sister jergensen and all the other missionary leaders! The first day we had training from 12-6 and then Thursday and Friday we all had breakfast together at the mission home and then had training from 10-5 and after that everyone went out and worked, tracting mostly in des moines so we pretty much swarmed des moines with about 15-20 companionships of missionaries. So after finishing up the night we all went back to the mission home and hung out with eachother and played ping pong with president and sister jergensen all night (till 10:30 lol ). It was awesome! Our training was really focused on revelation. Revelation through the book of mormon, revelation through church attendance and revelation through prayer. Those are the most important things for an investigator to have. They have to read from the book of mormon or else they aren’t going to progress and gain a real testimony which is important and so true. Even as members we have to keep reading the book of mormon or we’re not going to progress either. I LOVE the book of mormon!!! I have a hard time going to bed at night sometimes cuz I don’t wanna put it down. Throughout the day we would have training on one topic and then we would go into the gym and split up into groups and practice teaching. I loved it! The spirit was so strong. And its not everyday that I get to teach with an elder as my companion. Lol. I got to teach with president jergensen and with a couple other elders it was fun and the spirit was defiantly super strong.

Friday night I went back to iowa city with the elders and picked up our car and sister felix and then we went to dinner with all the elders before heading back to Maquoketa. I got to see the hungers (at the restaurant) that are in the iowa city ward! I miss that ward so bad!!!!

Well that was about it for my week! It was awesome! Next week is transfers so I wont be emailing till Wednesday!! I love you all!!! Have an awesome week!!!

Philippians 1:3-4

Till next time

Sister C


  1. Sister Courtney C.......Hi, it's Debbie Boyack. I have Paige and Allie w/me and we went on Kristy's email to hook up w/Trevor's calling to your blog. WHEW!!! Paige screamed when she saw you. "TORTNEY"...she's 8 yrs. old now. Time flies. Sounds like a wonderful mission. You've always been special to us and we love you to pieces. We love UTAH! So many opportunities to see the Church Presidency and historical things here. Have a great mission...one of the best parts of your life. Love always, Sister B.

  2. Aww, Thanks Debbie. It's so funny because last friday I was asking Kristy about Kelly and the girls. Tell Chuck hi. We miss you guys!