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Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 68 05/09/2011

It was so great to talk to her yesterday! She SO LOVES IOWA!  AND really LOVES her companion Sister Whitaker. They get along so well. Heres her letter.


HELLO everyone!!! It was sooo freakin awesome to talk to you guys last night! Fun times! I cant believe we had to talk about stuff for when I get home. Weird! I hope everyone else that has missionaries out had an awesome time talkin to them. And I hope everyone had an awesome mothers day!

Well nothing to exciting happened here this week. We did a lot of walkin around and tracting. Last Wednesday sister Whitaker and I decided to go and just walk along the Mississippi river and talk to people. Theres always a lot of people jogging or walking their dogs along the river. So we were down there and met this guy named mike that was walking his dog and he just moved here awhile ago from Brooklyn new York and totally has the accent. We ended up talkin to him for about 45 minutes and he’s soo cool. We gave him a book of mormon and all our information for church and he said that he’s going to come to church so hopefully we’ll be able to meet with him sometime. Thursday morning we went to an army breakfast that one of our members brother bullard invited us to. They have this breakfast that they put on for the national day of prayer and brother bullard wanted us to meet some of the people that he works with in the army. It was pretty sweet! On Friday sister Whitaker and I got to teach a painting class and the retirement/assisted living home here in Bettendorf. It was more like sister Whitaker taught and I sat there and messed around with the paint like a 5 year old. 90 year old women with dementia are better artists than me. Hand me a giant coloring book and some crayons that’s where I excel. Lol. Ah man, on Saturday we went to the family museum for service just like every week and we got to help the kids build rockets and launch them. It was so fun! And we demonstrated how stars are formed which was pretty cool. Then we just spent the rest of the day tracting and trying to meet some more of the less actives that we have here which is a ridiculous amount.

Well tomorrow I get to go to Nauvoo with the rest of the groups that will be going home with me. Its gonna be awesome!! I love Nauvoo so much!! Icant wait. And I will make sure to look for sister gates and get that hug don’t worry. Holy cow that is so weird that im going on my going home temple trip tomorrow. I remember when I went with sister shields when she was getting ready to leave. Weird. Well anyway, that’s about it for this week. Sorry it wasn’t very eventful but that’s just what its like here for me at least the last couple of months. Lol. But I love you all! Have an awesome week! The church is true! And awesome! Love you!!!!!

Till next time,

Sister C

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